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Generation 8: Dragon

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For the in-game script of this Generation, see Script - Generation 8: Dragon.

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G8 Title.png
Chapter 1 2 Mainstream Icon.png
  • To start Generation 8, you must have completed or skipped Generation 7.

Generation 8: Dragon is the final adventure of Chapter 2, introducing the Zardine region of Iria, populated by fierce winged-beasts and fiery volcanoes. The pasts of Effie and Kelpie, as well as the relationships of Taunes and Atrata, continue to unravel. Additionally, the Dragon Cromm Cruaich and the Human Ruairi make their comebacks to perform a special ceremony, but the sinister Crumena has his own plans.

NPCs involved in Dragon

Krug's Expeditionary Team

Krug.png Name Krug's Expeditionary Team NPC Cromm Cruaich

Elves and Elf-aligned Humans do not receive this quest.


  1. Talk to Krug
  2. Talk to Taunes
  3. Talk to Krug
  • Complete the quest. [2000 EXP]

Effie's Brother

Sketch Paper.png
G8 Kelpie's Sketch.png
Name Effie's Brother NPC Effie

  1. Talk to Effie
  2. Talk to Kelpie
  3. Talk to Effie.
    • Again, she will provide two Red Wings of the Goddess in addition to a Sketch Paper.
  4. Sketch Kelpie
  5. Talk to Effie
  • Complete the quest. [5900 EXP]

Mirror of Memory

Note.png Taming Bait.png Unicorn Powder.png Taming Cane from Taunes.png Name Mirror of Memory NPC Atrata

You will be running a special version of the normal Par Ruins. The objective is to tame the Unicorn.


  1. Talk to Atrata.
  2. Deliver Atrata's Letter to Taunes
  3. Tame a Unicorn
  4. Talk to Taunes
  5. Talk to Atrata

Voight's Friend

Broken Mirror of Memory.png Sulfur Ore.png
Mirror of Memory.png Phaselus' Letter
Name Voight's Friend NPC Voight

You will be role-playing as Kelpie. Due to the difficulty of the dungeon, it may take some time, so be wary of your surroundings. Follow some of the strategies below to help remedy some issues you may encounter.


  1. Talk to Voight
  2. Talk to Arenen
  3. Deliver 10 Sulfur Ore to Arenen
  4. Deliver the Mirror of Memory to Kelpie
  5. Kelpie RP Complete
  • Complete the quest. [15000 EXP, 2400 G]

Irinid's Curse

Taming Wild Animals.png
Small Hot-Air Balloon Kit.png
Name Irinid's Curse NPC Kelpie

What happened to my friend Phaselus? - Kelpie


  1. Talk to Kelpie
  2. Talk to Castanea.
  3. Talk to Belita
  4. Deliver 10 Flints to Belita
  5. Tame an Anteater
    • Anteaters can be found in the field west of Calida Exploration Camp. You must tame it using Taming Wild Animals.
  6. Tame a Volcano Horned Wild Boar
    • Volcano Horned Wild Boars can be found southeast of Pera Volcano. You must tame it using Taming Wild Animals.
      • Tip: It's recommended you have at least Rank B Taming Wild Animals.
  7. Talk to Belita
  8. Obtain 30 Stars by defeating Wyverns
    • 30 stars is represented by 6 big stars obtained by defeating Wyverns via Hot-Air Ballooning.
    • The quest maintains progress of each star earned. You can not lose progress.
      • Keep in mind that the Stars rewarded is divided by the number of people in the party. Be sure to stock up on Flints when attempting for long Wyvern hunts on a single Hot-Air Balloon.
    • The [Daily Quest] Hot Air Balloon quest will take priority over this one.
    • Refer to Slaying Wyverns for additional details and strategies on how to defeat Wyverns.
      • Tip: If you wish to hunt Wyverns alone, arm yourself with a Chain Casting +4 Fire Wand. A few chain casted Firebolts of rank 9 or better will take most wyverns out in a couple hits.
  • Complete the quest. [25000 EXP]

Volcanic Region Hot-Air Balloon Exploration

Fossil.png Irinid's Crystal.png Irinid Ballista Bolt.png Hot-Air Balloon from Belita.png Name Red Dragon Encounter NPC Belita

Handicrafting is required. You may go to the Bookstore in Dunbarton and purchase The World of Handicrafts from Aeira.


  1. Talk to Belita
    • You will receive Hot-Air Balloon from Belita.
    • NOTE: This may be bugged, requiring you to change channels to get the cutscene to start properly. If your character just consumes the balloon, ask Belita for another one and try changing channels.
  2. Observe Volcanic Activity
    • Use the Hot-Air Balloon from Belita to view a cutscene.
    • You will receive the keyword Red Dragon.
  3. Talk to Belita
  4. Deliver Restored Fossil to Belita
    • Restore any Fossil to a mostly restored state or higher. Successfully producing a mostly restored fossil will result in a message stating "This fossil is really nice."
    • You must give the fossil to Belita by speaking to her and using the [Show Fossil] option.
  5. Deliver a Ruby to Belita
    • Speak to Belita and she will take the first ruby found in your inventory.
      • Rubies can be obtained as a drop from Reanimated Corpse in Nowhere to Run, inside most event gift boxes, and via Metallurgy at any ocean beach during the day when it is raining.
      • Warning: If you have a large ruby in your inventory that you want to keep, it is advised that you place that ruby into a pet's inventory temporarily to allow Belita to take a smaller one.
    • You will receive Irinid's Crystal.
  6. Deliver an Irinid Ballista Bolt to Belita
  7. Help Crumena
    • Use Hot-Air Balloon kit equipped with an Irinid Bolt to watch a cutscene.
  • Complete the quest. [20000 EXP]

Legatus' Advice

Snow Crystal.png Name Legatus' Advice NPC Legatus

  1. Talk to Legatus
  2. Find Ruairi
    • Head to the lava entrance southeast of Raspa Volcano with a Snow Crystal in your inventory to view a cutscene.
    • You must have a Snow Crystal to view the cutscene. The Snow Crystal will be consumed.
    • Attempting to enter the area without a Snow Crystal results in nothing happening.
  • Complete the quest. [15000 EXP, 3500 G]

Ruairi's Survival

Belita.png Name Ruairi's Survival NPC Belita

I can't believe that Ruairi is still alive... - Belita -


  1. Talk to Belita
  2. Talk to Legatus
    • You will be moved to Renes.
  • Complete the quest. [1500 EXP]

Adniel's Conductor

Crumena.png Name Adniel's Conductor NPC

It is recommended that newer players bring teammates experienced in fighting Red Dragons. Fast mounts can help escape Meteor, while the use of Party Phoenix Feather can provide a safe distance from Crumena's attacks.


  1. Defeat the Red Dragon Crumena
    • Enter Renes cave. You'll watch a cutscene and begin the fight against Crumena.
      • Other party members are optional, but you can not enter until you are leading a party.
      • All party members will be warped inside as soon as the party leader enters, provided that the are near the doorway into Renes.
      • Only the party leader views cutscenes. No cutscene occurs for party members before and after the battle.
      • Completion of this quest will only count for the party leader. Everyone else that wants to complete the quest must make their own party and complete the quest for themselves.
    • Refer to Crumena (Monster) for details and strategies on how to defeat him.
    • After defeating Crumena, you'll view two cutscenes and be moved to the outskirt of Calida Exploration Camp.
    • You will be rewarded the "the Dragon Knight" title and have free use of Adniel's Horn Bugle outside of Generation 9.
  • Complete the quest. [5000 EXP]

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  • Generation 8 is the first generation where the player character has actual dialogue in cutscenes.
  • Generation 8, along with 7, are the only generations that do not have credits.


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