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Generation 8: Dragon

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For explanation and advice for Generations, see Mainstream Quests.
For the in-game script of this Generation, see Script - Generation 8: Dragon.

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Spoiler icon.png This article contains spoilers.
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G8 Title.png
Chapter 1 2 Mainstream Icon.png
  • To start Generation 8, you must have completed or skipped Generation 7.

Generation 8: Dragon is the final adventure of Chapter 2, introducing the Zardine region of Iria, populated by fierce winged-beasts and fiery volcanoes. The pasts of Effie and Kelpie, as well as the relationships of Taunes and Atrata, continue to unravel. Additionally, the Dragon Cromm Cruaich and the Human Ruairi make their comebacks to perform a special ceremony, but the sinister Crumena has his own plans.

NPCs involved in Dragon

Krug's Expeditionary Team

Krug.png Name Krug's Expeditionary Team NPC Cromm Cruaich

Elves and Elf-aligned Humans do not receive this quest.


  1. Upon logging in, you will see a cutscene and receive this quest.
  2. Talk to Krug located in Vales's Chief's House.
  3. Talk to Taunes located at Vales's Weapon Shop.
  4. Talk to Krug.
  5. Complete the quest and wait for the next one. [2000 EXP]

Effie's Brother

Sketch Paper.png
G8 Kelpie's Sketch.png
Name Effie's Brother NPC Effie

  1. Talk to Effie at Qilla Base Camp. Effie will then give you two Red Wings of the Goddess, one for going to Calida Exploration Camp and one for returning to Qilla Base Camp.
  2. Talk to Kelpie at Calida Exploration Camp.
  3. Talk to Effie. She will have you return to Zardine and sketch Kelpie. Again, she will provide two Red Wings of the Goddess in addition to a sketch paper.
  4. Sketch Kelpie.
  5. Talk to Effie.
  6. Complete the quest and wait for the next one. [5900 EXP]

Mirror of Memory

Note.png Taming Bait.png Unicorn Powder.png Taming Cane from Taunes.png Name Mirror of Memory NPC Atrata

You will be running a special version of the normal Par Ruins. The objective is to tame the Unicorn.


  1. Talk to Atrata at Filia's Healer's House. A cutscene will occur during the conversation and you will receive Atrata's Letter and a Red Wing of the Goddess to the outskirts of Vales.
  2. Deliver the letter to Taunes. He will give you Taming Cane from Taunes, Taming Bait from Taunes, and Unicorn Powder.
  3. Drop the Unicorn Powder on the Par Ruins. You must tame the Unicorn boss with the Taming Wild Animals skill.
    • If you lose the Powder, or fail the Dungeon, talk to Taunes to receive the Unicorn Powder again.
    • If you lose the Taming Cane and/or Bait for any reason, you will not be given more.
    • The dungeon is about the same as Normal Par, with a Unicorn as the boss.
      • Tame the Unicorn using Taming Wild Animals.
      • If you run out of bait, you will either have to use other baits or defeat the Unicorn and acquire more Taming Bait from Tupai in Cor Village, or from other players, then restart the dungeon.
      • It may be best to keep your distance in the case the Unicorn becomes aggressive.
    • Taming the Unicorn with Control of Darkness will not count for the quest.
  4. Talk to Taunes. He will give you a Red Wing of the Goddess to the outskirts of Filia.
  5. Talk to Atrata.
  6. Complete the quest and wait for the next one. [20000 EXP, Broken Mirror of Memory]

Voight's Friend

Broken Mirror of Memory.png Sulfur Ore.png
Mirror of Memory.png Phaselus' Letter
Name Voight's Friend NPC Voight

You will be role-playing as Kelpie. Due to the difficulty of the dungeon, it may take some time, so be wary of your surroundings. Follow some of the strategies below to help remedy some issues you may encounter.


  1. Talk to Voight located at Cor. He will give you a Red Wing of the Goddess to Calida Exploration Camp.
  2. Talk to Arenen at Calida Exploration Camp.
  3. Deliver 10 Sulfur Ores to Arenen in exchange for the Mirror of Memory.
  4. Talk to Kelpie. He will take the mirror, and a cutscene will occur. He will give you Phaselus' Letter.
  5. Drop Phaselus's Letter onto Longa Desert Ruins to initiate an RP dungeon.
  6. Complete the quest and wait for the next one. [15000 EXP, 2400 G]

Irinid's Curse

Taming Wild Animals.png
Small Hot-Air Balloon Kit.png
Name Irinid's Curse NPC Kelpie

As of the Generation 9, Season 1 and Generation 14, Season 4 Update, the taming success rate has drastically increased. The rank requirement for taming the Volcano Horned Wild Boar was lowered. See Below for strategies on taming the Boar.
For Wyverns, keep in mind that the Stars rewarded is divided by the number of people in the party. Be sure to stock up on Flints when attempting for long Wyvern hunts on a single Hot-Air Balloon. See below for more information.


  1. Talk to Kelpie. He will give you a Red Wing of the Goddess to Filia Outskirt.
  2. Talk to Castanea in Filia. She will give you a Red Wing of the Goddess to Calida Exploration Camp.
  3. Talk to Belita in Calida Exploration Camp.
  4. Deliver 10 Flints to Belita.
  5. Tame an Anteater, which can be found west of Calida Exploration Camp.
  6. Tame a Volcano Horned Wild Boar, which can be found southeast of Pera Volcano.
  7. Talk to Belita.
  8. Earn 30 small stars, or 6 big stars, by defeating Wyverns via Hot-Air Ballooning.
    • You may earn these stars in separate trips; you do not have to earn them all at once.
    • You do not have to solo the Wyverns while Ballooning; you may bring a party.
      • If you wish to hunt Wyverns alone, arm yourself with a Chain Casting +4 Fire Wand and/or 9 Ice Enchanted equipment (2 Accessories, Body, Head, Shield, Fire Wand, Shoes, Gloves, and Robe), then head to the Ice Wyverns (worth 3 stars per kill, 6 if they have a title) which flourish above the Hot Springs. A few Chaincasted Firebolts of rank 9 or better will take most out in a couple hits.
    • This quest will take priority over "[Daily Quest] Hot Air Balloon."
    • Refer to Slaying Wyverns for details and strategies on how to defeat Wyverns.
  9. Complete the quest and wait for the next one. [25000 EXP]

Volcanic Region Hot-Air Balloon Exploration

Fossil.png Irinid's Crystal.png Irinid Ballista Bolt.png Hot-Air Balloon from Belita.png Name Red Dragon Encounter NPC Belita

Handicrafting is required. You may go to the Bookstore in Dunbarton and purchase The World of Handicrafts from Aeira.


  1. Talk to Belita to receive a Hot-Air Balloon from Belita.
  2. Use the Hot-Air Balloon to view a cutscene. Afterwards, you will receive the Red Dragon Keyword.
  3. Talk to Belita.
  4. Restore any Fossil to a "mostly restored" state or higher.
    • Fossils can be dug up at the Sulfur Pits using a Pickaxe.
    • You must give the fossil to Belita using the 'Show Fossil' option; she will not just take it from you like other items.
    • Successfully producing a "mostly restored" fossil will result in a message stating that the fossil is "really nice."
  5. Deliver a Ruby of any size to Belita in exchange for the Irinid's Crystal.
    • Rubies obtained via Metallurgy at any ocean beach during the day when it is raining.
  6. Create an Irinid Ballista Bolt.
    • The Irinid Ballista Bolt is a Rank F Handicraft item, with 7 Sulfur Ores, 1 Ballista Bolt, and the Irinid's Crystal as the materials.
    • If you lose the Crystal, talk to Belita for another one. You do not have to provide another Ruby or Restored Fossil.
  7. Talk to Belita to receive the Hot-Air Balloon kit equipped with an Irinid Bolt. Use it to view another cutscene.
  8. Complete the quest and wait for the next one.

Legatus' Advice

Snow Crystal.png Name Legatus' Advice NPC Legatus

  1. Talk to Legatus, who is roosting at Calida Lake.
  2. Head to the lava entrance southeast of Raspa Volcano with a Snow Crystal in your inventory to view a cutscene. This will remove the Snow Crystal from your inventory.
    • Snow Crystals are a random reward from the end chest of Par Ruins. You can also obtain them from other players.
    • Attempting to enter the area without a Snow Crystal results in nothing happening.
  3. Complete the quest and wait for the next one.

Ruairi's Survival

Crumena.png Name Ruairi's Survival NPC Belita

Due to the unusually high difficulty of this battle, it is highly recommended to bring people experienced in fighting Red Dragons. The use of fast mounts is highly recommended when escaping Meteor. The use of Party Phoenix Feathers is highly recommended, provided you are a safe distance from Crumena's attacks.


  1. Talk to Belita. A cutscene will occur.
  2. Talk to Legatus. A cutscene will occur and you will be warped to Renes. Complete the quest.
  3. Enter Renes Cave. A cutscene will occur and the final boss Crumena, will appear.
    • You can not enter alone unless a Party is created.
    • All party members will be warped inside as soon as the leader enters, provided that the are near the doorway into Renes.
    • No cutscene occurs for the party members before and after the battle.
    • Refer to Crumena for details and strategies on how to defeat him.
    • Note: Completion of this quest will only count for the Party Leader. Everyone else that wants to complete the quest must make their own party and complete the quest on their own.
    • After defeating Crumena, a cutscene occurs and the leader will warp to Calida Exploration Camp. Logging out or changing channels causes a cutscene to occur.
  4. You will be rewarded the "the Dragon Knight" title and have free use of Adniel's Horn Bugle outside of Generation 9.

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  • Generation 8 is the first generation where the player character has actual dialogue in cutscenes.
  • Generation 8, along with 7, are the only generations that do not have credits.
  • Generation 8, along with Generation 7, do not have their own quest tab.


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