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{{{{{format}}} |Name=Fine |Rank=F |Type=Prefix |EnchOn=All |ItemsDroppedBy=Enchant Scroll (Alby Normal Reward, Sweep, Ancient Books)
Unknown Basic Enchant Scroll
Studded Bracelet (Ciar Normal Golem, Ciar Basic Golem (Dark Green))
Vest and Pants Set (Blue Wolf, Black Wolf)
Cores' Thief Gloves (Brown Bear)
Quilting Gloves (Red Grizzly Bear Cub, Red Grizzly Bear)
Dagger (Barri Advanced Reward)
Bracelet (Rabbie Normal Reward)
Round Shield (Rabbie Advanced Reward)
Warhammer (Barri Normal Reward)
Short Bow (Longa Desert Ruins normal)
Chalumeau (Briana's shop) |Implement=Yes |CritPos=1 |CritReq=when lvl 4+ }}