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For a similar pet command, see Fetch.


The "Sweep!" command can be used on broomstick pets to obtain random items. The sweep action takes seven seconds, and there is a minimum of a one minute charge time before a broomstick pet will obey the command again. Performing the "Sweep!" command does not guarantee the discovery of an item. If no item is discovered, the message "I swept the floor but nothing came out" will appear. If the pet is unsummoned during the process, no item will be fetched. Certain bird pets also have the ability to obtain a random item (by flying away to obtain the item) but the "Fetch!" command must be used instead.

Note that, a Border Collie, Miniature Pinscher or Samoyed pet will only obey the "Pickup!", "Pick!" or "Get!" commands to pick-up items from the ground. Unlike the pets that use the "Sweep!" and "Fetch!" command, these pet dogs only pick up existing items from the ground (if an item can be picked up) rather than finding a random item. Also, the item must be within a certain range from the pet dogs.

To use the command type in "Sweep!" in the chat bar and press the Enter key. As with all pet commands, it doesn't matter whether the first letter, all letters, no letters are capitalized or a mixture of capitalized and non-capitalized letters is used. See Pet Commands for more information about these commands.

Able Pets

Items Obtained

Warning: This is not yet a full list.

Enchant Scrolls

Sophisticated (?:Rank F)
Fine (Prefix:Rank F)
Sharp (Prefix:Rank E)
Strong (Prefix:Rank C)
Sturdy (Prefix:Rank A)
Crow (Suffix:Rank 9)

Dungeon Passes

Alby Basic
Alby Intermediate
Barri Basic
Ciar Basic
Ciar Intermediate
Fiodh Intermediate
Rundal Basic

Fomor Scrolls

White Spider
Red Spider
Black Spider


HP 30 Potion
MP 10 Potion
MP 30 Potion
Stamina 10 Potion
Stamina 30 Potion
Wound Remedy 10 Potion
Antidote Potion
Spirit Liqueur


Gathering Knife
Gathering Axe
Weeding Hoe


Branches x 1
Large Nail x 1
Small Gems (Green, Blue, Red and Silver)
Alby Battle Arena Coin x 1
Gold Coins
Gold Pouch
Arrow x 1[1]
Bolt x 1
Handmade Arrow x 1
Handmade Bolt x 1
Handmade Bandage x 1
Wool x 1
Cobweb x 1
Leather x 1 (Cheap, Common and Fine)


  1. If a player has a Quiver in their inventory and an arrow is obtained via the Sweep command, the pop-up will say that you have "obtained a Quiver" when, in fact, only 1 arrow is added to the player's existing quiver.