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Template:DataMonsterGolem (Black)

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{{{{{format}}} |Name=Golem (Black) |Page=Golem

|FieldBoss=yes |FieldLocations=*Ceo Island |DungeonLocations=*None

|HP=6,510 |CP=4430 |Defense=22 |Protection=12 |Speed=Very Fast |Element=none

|MeleeHits=1 |MeleeDamage=150-200 |RangedHits= |RangedDamage= |MagicHits= |MagicDamage= |ExplosiveHits= |ExplosiveDamage=

|Aggro=y |MultiAggro=n |AggroRange=Medium |AggroSpeed=Normal

|DropsOverflow=y |EXP=1,000 (+100) |Gold=1,500-4,000 |DropEquip=*Armor

|DropMisc=*Enchant Scroll

|SkillSmash=y |SkillStomp=y |SkillWindmill=y |SkillCounter= |SkillDefense=y |SkillHeavyStander=n |SkillManaDeflector =2 |SkillNaturalShield=2 |SkillRest=y

|Notes=*Identical to the Red Golem, except for color. Also gives less experience than the other golems on the island.

  • Spawns with four normal Golems.
    • It is suicidal to attack without luring it away
  • When the Black Golem is killed, the "guardians" will disappear

|Advice=*Lure it with Firebolt, staying out of its stomp range. Get it away from other monsters. Then have two people use Final Hit on it. Windmill if Final Hit runs out.

  • With Rank 5+ Firebolt, simply Firebolt spamming the golem to death is enough to easily kill it. (This works on any enemy) This tactic, however, requires large amounts of MP if the enemy has high HP, but if you have the MP, it is fail-safe.