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Template:DataRevenant Insight Guard Cylinder

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{{{{{1}}} |Name=Revenant Insight Guard Cylinder |Desc=A cylinder that maximizes performance via a design focused on increasing Alchemical efficiency. The vengeful spirit infused in the weapon produces alchemical reactions that exceed the wielder's limits. Thanks to advances in cylinder manufacture, alchemy crystals can be stored within the guard cylinder, allowing alchemical effects to be produced with surprising speed. |Category=/equip/lefthand/shield/magic_armor/inverse_transmutator/no_scale/steel/revenant_insight_guardcylinder/cylinder_repairable/wavedefence/cylinder_bag/alchemy_shield/01/crystal_management/not_new_ego_weapon/

|magic_defense=2 |magic_protect=3 |splash_radius=100 |splash_angle=15 |splash_damage=0.35 |stamina_usage=0.5 |defence_bonus_default=30 |defence_bonus_melee_bonus=7 |defence_bonus_no_defence_melee_bonus=7 |defence_bonus_attacked_critical_bonus=7

|BuyPrice=80000 |SellPrice=0 |Tradability=0 |Width=2 |Height=3 |Color1=1 |Color2=1 |Color3=1 |Color4=5 |Color5=1 |Color6=0 |CanReforge=True |CanEnchant=True |Defense=2 |Protection=1 |Durability=30000 |Upgrades=3 |GemUpgrades=1

|HumanMale=y |HumanFemale=y |ElfMale=y |ElfFemale=y |GiantMale=y |GiantFemale=y


|SellList= |Information=*Alchemy Crystal Storage feature permitted

|Method=Blacksmithing |ImageCraft=Revenant Insight Guard Cylinder Craft.png |ProductionExp=60000 |ManualRank=7 |ManualLoc=Gilmore |ManualCost=200000 |RecipePerTry=Silver Ingot × 1
Mythril Ingot x 1
Mythril Plate x 3
Vengeance-Imbued Alchemy Crystal x 1 |RecipeFinish=Gold Ingot x 3
Large Nail x 5
Tough String x 3
Misty Red Gem x 1
Sealed Strength Crystal: Cylinder x 1
Sealed Strength Fragment: Cylinder x 1
Sealed Strength Powder: Cylinder x 1 |CraftPercent=25 |Recipe=at least 4 Silver Ingots, 4 Mythril Ingots, 12 Mythril Plates, 4 Vengeance-Imbued Alchemy Crystals, 3 Gold Ingots, 5 Large Nails, 3 Tough Strings, 1 Misty Red Gem, 1 Sealed Strength Crystal: Cylinder, 1 Sealed Strength Fragment: Cylinder, and 1 Sealed Strength Powder: Cylinder }}