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The Book of Ice Spear

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The Book of Ice Spear[1]
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Obtain From Stewart after turning in the Explorers Journal‎
Tradability Untradable
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Reward learn Ice Spear
Crafted Into

Also known as

High Level Magic of Ice : Ice Spear
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.
The Book of Ice Spear: The Pinnacle of Ice Magic
- Written by Daus -

1. Introduction

The motive behind writing this book will especially intrigue you, as there is an intimate connection between the content and the purpose of this book. Hence, I, the author, would like to explain how this book came to be written.

A year ago on an Imbolic morning, an explorer that had crossed the Muyu Desert and staying at Qilla Base Camp, noted that he found a strange wooden box while walking past Kaypi Canyon. The box was made of Tikka wood, and on the surface featured a series of tiny, illegible characters. Unfortunately, there was no way to determine what was written there. Curious to see if the box contained any valuable jewelry, he proceeded to try prying it open with brute force, but to no avail.

After the ordeal, the man decided to bring the box to the Expedition Leader. The leader carefully observed the box, and noticed that the box was bound by magic. This was how the box wound up in my hands, for I was quite close with the leader of the expedition. I had prided myself in having ample amounts of knowledge about magic, but this box was bound by a spell so foreign and powerful that I thought it would be impossible to break the seal.

In the end, with the help of a young wizard friend in Dunbarton, I was able to break the seal that had bound the box. When we opened the box, we were in collective shock as the items inside turned out to be belongings of the legendary head wizard Tapfni, who mysteriously disappeared during the 2nd war of Mag Tuireadh.

The items inside were drafts of documents he had handwritten, along with various notes, scrolls, and enchants. The one that really caught my attention was a colossal document about the Ice Spear that totalled 2,481 pages. I suspected that this document may not have been written for publishing purposes, since it featured erratic punctuations and numerous misspellings, but it was more than enough to reveal the true secrets of the Ice Spear.

This book was written mainly with the intent to reveal a secret that had laid dormant all this time in this box which has been magically bound. This is the final gift, from Tapfni the Head Wizard, to the world, and hopefully this book will provide a new opening for future studies on Mana.

2. The Origin of Ice Spear

The origin of the Ice Spear, according to Tapfni's research records, is as follows.

Mana that is released into the air becomes exposed to a special power in the atmosphere and turns unstable. Here, when the flow of Mana is controlled using the help of the Ice Spear user's imaginary, the atmosphere becomes separated into hot and cold layers, circulating the air in that form.

During this process, the moisture in the air rapidly freezes, turning it into ice, but on the surface of the ice forms a thin layer of condensation, caused by the hot air surrounding it. Heat is quickly released because of this thin layer of condensation, causing the freezing to rapidly speed up.

The icy moisture turns into a pointed sharp tip, which is a direct result of the characteristics of Mana which tend to want to maintain the separation of the layers. This, in turn, creates an icy film on the edge of the sharp tip of the ice. While this process is repeated over and over again, the Ice Spear grows larger and larger into the size of a gigantic ice pillar.

Once created, one will notice that the Ice Spear has growth rings, similar to that of trees. Studying these layers of growth allows for one to calculate the amount of Mana that is expended upon each use of the Ice Spear.

3. The Properties of Ice Spear

The basic element of Ice Spear, ice, does not actually consist of water, namely the kind of water you see in waterfalls and reservoirs. Those would be considered a contaminated body of water that exists in this world. The liquidity of water is evident when observing the waterfall. As water falls down from a high place, one notices its fluidity, but ice is in its inflexible nature shatters upon contact.

One thing we should not forget here is that the tip of the ice that has been shattered is actually much sharper than a piece of glass.

4. The Actual Form of Ice Spear

Everyone knows that snowflakes come in countless forms, without a single one that looks like another. This is evidence of the instability as well as complexity of the freezing process. Considering this, it is no wonder that the Ice Wand is an absolute necessity when it comes to actually using the Ice Spear. In fact, the Ice Wand helps to focus the flow of Mana during the chaotic process of freezing

When you use the Ice Spear magic with the help of the Ice Wand, you will notice a soft vibration that tickles your diaphragm and feel something changing in the air (i.e. the color, taste, smell of it). Focus your mind and draw upon your imaginary and you will be on your way to using the Ice Spear.

The giant ice pillar that is floating in the air grows in size with each use. Remember, though, that the Ice Wand can only be used up to 5 times due to the instability that could be caused by the rapidly increasing power of Mana during the freezing process which, of course, is highly risky and dangerous..

Once the Ice Spear is done, it floats toward wherever there is a higher concentration of Mana. And as soon as it arrives, the Ice Spear shatters into pieces, causing extreme damage upon all enemies in the surrounding area. .

5. In Conclusion

You should always remember that magic is simultaneously a divine body of knowledge as well as a meaningful product of this knowledge. Magic teaches us ways to understand our universe as well as how to use it to our advantage.

This advanced magic skill, the Ice Spear, should be seen from this perspective as well; know that the Ice Spear is not only a powerful magic attack skill useful for destroying the enemy, but is also the embodiment of a fundamental truth about Mana.