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The Hidden Book of Partholon

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For other Generation 11 missions, see Category:G11 Shadow Missions.
For other missions, see Category:Shadow Missions.
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  • This mission is part of Generation 11.
  • Defeat all monsters that appear.
  • If Cai or Leymore dies, the mission will fail.
  • If you notice Cai or Leymore are low on HP, use First Aid immediately and then Heal them.
    • First Aid is a top priority because they can use Life Drain which allows them to restore HP immediately.
      • If you cannot heal or run out of bandages try trapping them behind the entrance door and remain in the closest corner to the entrance so they do not get teleported in.
  • Both versions of the Cerberus that may spawn. It is of Basic Difficulty.
  • Once you get to the dining room, there are four switches. You must hit the switches in the correct order or monsters will spawn
    • Orient yourself so that the camera is facing the same way as the map below. Use the doors to help you do this.
    • Note: Dual Wielding may cause you to hit the switches multiple times.

Partholons's Hidden Book Map.png

Mission Information

  • Mission Details: Please follow Buchanan's directions and find the location of the Book of Partholon. -Sinead
  • Info: Hit the orbs in the kitchen according to the order Buchanan told you.

If you're having problems, request help from the Royal Alchemists.


Spawn Patterns


Basic -
Intermediate 12,000
Advanced 120,000
Hard 200,000