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Dual Wielding

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For the mastery skill, see Dual Wield Mastery.

Basic Information

Dual Wielding Combat

Normal Attacks

  • Using normal attacks while dual wielding will cause both weapons to strike the target simultaneously, where the weapon wielded on the left hand (in the right hand slot) will always strike before the one in the right hand (in the left hand slot).
    • The finishing blow on a monster or attacking a target using Defense will cause the attack to strike only once. If this happens, only the weapon wielded on the left hand will strike and gain Proficiency and lose Durability.
      • However, if Splash Damage hits the enemy using Defense, both hits will land with the first hit having its damage reduced.
    • Heavy Stander only has a chance of activating on the first hit.
    • Both weapon's Damage, Critical, and Balance are calculated independently, meaning that the weapon's stats are tied to the specific weapon used to make that hit.
      • The stats in the character window while dual wielding are the averages of the two weapons, and does not accurately represent actual damage output should the player dual wield two different weapons, in which case it is at most it is an approximation.
  • Knockback occurs at the total amount of hits of both weapons combined. For example, equipping a Longsword (3 hits) and a Broadsword (2 hits) grants a total of 2 + 3 = 5 hits before the target is knocked back.
  • Attack Speed of different weapons are averaged, or rounded to the slower speed if there is no average. For example, a slow and a normal attack speed weapon would produce slow attack speed for both hits.
  • N+1 is possible while dual-wielding. For example, using two 3-hit weapons will normally net 6 hits, but with N+1, 7 or 8 hits are made.
  • When dual wielding, the player's attacks causes less stun than attacking with a single weapon, causing the enemy to receive less pushback and recover quicker.


  • Dual Wielding while using a skill that only hits once (e.g. Windmill, Smash) will be calculated by using the combination of the damage of the two weapons plus base damage.
    • The formula is calculated as: [(Base Damage) + (First Weapon Damage) + (Second Weapon Damage)] * (% Damage Multiplier of Skill).
      • Base Damage is not Bare Handed Damage, as they have an inherent damage range of 0~8 and is negated when using a weapon. The formula for calculating base damage is:
        • Max Base Damage = Max Bare Hand Damage - 8
        • Min Base Damage = Min Bare Hand Damage
      • For example, a player with two regular Broadswords, bare handed damage as 50~108, and using a skill with 200% attack power will have a total damage range of (13~30 + 13~30 + 50~100) * 200% = 152~320.
  • The effects of Skills such as Sword Mastery and Blunt Mastery are not doubled when Dual Wielding their respective weapon.
  • Dual Wielding with the Final Hit skill will not knock down the target, whereas Single Wielding with Final Hit will force a knock down with each hit.
  • Dual Wield Mastery is applied, which increases the user's damage, balance, critical, Auto Defense, and Armor Pierce.