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The World of Handicrafts

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The World of Handicrafts[1]
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A guidebook to the Handicraft skill. Once read in detail, the skill can be leveled up to F, and rewards will be available by creating items show in the book using the skill.

Obtain From Piaras, Aeira, Arzhela, Hagel, Krug
Price 1000
Tradability Untradable
Effects required to raise Handicraft to rank F
Reward Handicraftsman's Bandana
Crafted Into
All in-game book contents belong to devCAT Studio and Nexon America.


This is a training book that has the characteristics of a collection nook, and if you read this carefully, you'll learn the ins and outs of the Handicraft skill, please read this in detail.

Also, after carefully reading this book, if you create the items listed at the back of the book using the skill, then you'll receive a small prize with the power of the magic laden in this book.

May this book help you with your Handicraft skill.

- Erinn Federation of Craftsmen

The Purpose of this Study

To fully utilize the Handicraft skill.

To understand the fun behind the skill.

To be able to gather up the materials and create an item out of them.


Whats the Handicraft skill?

What's required to use the Handicraft skill?

What can be made using the Handicraft skill?

1. The Purpose of the Handicraft skill

Handicraft 1.jpg

Handicraft skill is a skill that allows one to create a certain item using various materials.

It could be seen as a hand skill, but to make a useful item with the Handicraft skill involves thorough understanding of the item that'll be made, as well as what's required of all the ingredients that are used to make the item, so that's where the line is drawn between a hand skill and being so much more. The idea that the more the person is proficient in the Handicraft skill, the faster the person churns out quality items is understandable from this point.

That's why in order to advance the skill, it requires not only good, skilled hands, but a thorough understanding of the various aspects of item-making.

A person who is very proficient in the Handicraft skill feature these powers of characteristics.

Power of Thinking

The Power of Thinking is the power of seeing an object, understanding the principle of it, and coming up with new thoughts, new directions, and new levels to create a great item. This does not just involve estimating how the item will end up in the end, but also thinking of weas to creating a high-quality item in an efficient manner. The true measure of the Power of Thinking in this line would be the level of thorough understanding of the characteristics of the materials, and knowing the steps that needs to be taken to maximize the item quality.

Power of Insight

Anyone with the Handicraft skill is constantly thinking about how to acquire materials, and what kind of materials are needed to make a nice new item, and this is how the power of insight increases for those that make items. Not only that, thinking about how the item that'll be made out of these materials will affect the everyday lives of the people will help grow another level of Power of Insight, separate from the power of thinking.

Power of Planning

Making new items out of scratch costs alot of time and money. Planning out the value of the soon-to-be-created item, along with seeing where to draw the line between cost and effectiveness helps improve the level of planning for those with the vast knowledge of the Handicraft skill.

Power of confidence

After creating items with the Handicraft skill, the ones with the skill will gain utmost confidence in seeing that their combination of planning and the driving force to get it done, resulting in a useful item. In this world where people don't believe in themselves, the Handicraft skill allows one to experience the levels of power stated above, and it is considered a great way to boost self-confidence, in that every level can be seen and felt, which re-affirms the greatness that's hidden in you.

2. The items required for the Handicraft skill

Handicraft 2.jpg

The first thing required fot the Handicraft skill is the Handicraft Kit.

This kit contains knife, scissors, tuler, pliers, adhesives, drawing set, and other tools that allows one to alter the materials to fit the need. This kit is available in your nearest general shop or tool shop, and getting acclimated to this tool is the first step towards mastering Handicraft skill, so it's imperative that you don't feel fear or hesitation on using this tool.

The second thing requrred fot the Handicraft skill is the set of materials that differ depending on the item that'll be made. The end product will wildly differ, depending on the materials used.

Please remember that even if you're a master in this skill, if you don't have the right set of materials to work with, then there's nothing you can do!

3. Using the skill

After understanding the Handicraft skill by reading this book in detail, equip yourself with the Handicraft Kit, and you'll be able to select the Handicraft skill at the skill window for use.

Once you select the Handicraft skill, you'll see the window at the bottom where you may place the materials,

1. Lay out the materials for the item here,

2. check the expected outcome,

3. and start making the item.

This process it difficult to achieve, so you may find yourself at times either failing to create the item, or see the created item break to pieces in a hurry. Don't be let down by the experience. Just keep going!

4. Items that can be made through the Handicraft skill

Honestly, the list of items you can make with the Handicraft skill is limitless. It depends on the combination of the materials, and how to successfully mix them together.

You may find out how other people make different items, and either make it on your own, or improve upon it. You may also make items that are unknown to others with your own imaginative set of combination of materials.

Once you've read this book up to here, you may read the tasks given past this page and try making items yourself using the Handicraft skill.

5. Exercise

For the proceeding pages, I have listed 6 items that can be made with the Handicraft skill.

If you read the list of materials and the process itself carefully from top to bottom, you'll not only make the item, you'll be one step closer to becoming a master of the skill.

Once you've read this book completely, and have your Handicraft Kit ready, let's begin.


Handmade Arrow

Ordinary Grade Arrow for Bow

Handicraft 3.jpg

-Required Materials


Handmade Bolt

Ordinary Bolt for Crossbow

Handicraft 3.jpg

-Required Materials


Paper Crane

Paper Crane

Handicraft 3.jpg

-Required Materials


Paper Hat

Paper Hat

Handicraft 3.jpg

-Required Materials


Fine Handmade Arrow

High Grade Arrow for Bow

Handicraft 3.jpg

-Required Materials


Ghost Sword

Ghost Sword

Handicraft 3.jpg

-Required Materials