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Permanency of saga episode boxes

Fragment of a discussion from Talk:The Saga: Iria
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Also, your signature must include a [[User:Yourusername]] link, unless that policy was removed. Even if the page doesn't exist yet. (And seeing as how you have only been on talk pages, I don't think you're even able to make one yet, not that you cannot if you try to contribute.)

Pyro - (Talk)23:45, 12 August 2013

My apology with my signature, there I fixed it. Well that somewhat stupid of Japan. But for North America as I'm playing Mabinogi on currently, I am sure they won't remove the Episode Boxes. Hopefully not. But the saga is almost reaching towards the final end. About 3 more episodes to go.

Sunbeam - (Talk)00:05, 13 August 2013

No, you did not fix it. Your signature links to "User:Sunbeam007" instead of "User:Sunbeam".

Sozen Cratos Focker (talk)04:33, 13 August 2013