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The Saga: Iria

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Iria Title.png
They said, "The gods..." Once, there were three friends. The Archer, whose destiny lay in the hands of the Goddess. The Mage, whose destiny caused him a crisis of faith. And the Warrior, whose destiny he chose to reject. They were known as the Three Lost Warriors. They set out to rescue the fallen Goddess, but found only the cruel whims of fate. The Archer, Mari. The Goddess changed her completely... Name, appearance, and destiny. She was helpless to watch a god kill her father, lost to her when she was still young. The Mage, Tarlach. His mortal wounds at the hands of a god cut him off from magic. He was deceived, and lost his friends and his mentor. He was left utterly alone. The Warrior, Ruairi. His parents offered him to a dragon as a sacrifice out of greed, even before he was born. He lost his precious sister[sic]100, betrayed by a trusted friend. He saw nothing but despair in mankind, so he sided with the Fomors on the path of darkness. He left the future in the hands of people from a distant star...and then vanished. The memories of these three began to fade with time. After so long, the shadow says, "The gods do not exist."


—Prologue of The Saga: Iria

Saga Mainstream Icon.png The Saga: Iria is a storyline that takes place within Iria. A new breed of evil, the Cessair organization and their demons, have launched relentless attacks over the course of the continent; new and old characters, especially The Three Lost Warriors (Mari, Tarlach, and Ruairi) from Chapter 1, have weaved their way into the battle.

Basic Information

Unlike previous generations, the The Saga: Iria is divided up into eleven short storyline quests, taking an episodic approach rather than doing all the quests in one run. Players may do them in any order, but it is recommended to do them in order for a better understanding of the story that takes place.


The Saga: Iria menu, shown with Episode 7 marked with a daily bonus.
  • New episodes will be released every Friday at 6:00pm PDT100 starting June 28th, 2013 and ending August 30th, 2013.
  • All episode Premieres will have a Hot Time Event on the day of the episode will be released.
    • Prizes vary from each week.
  • When starting a new episode, an opening sequence will play, along with a title card of the current episode.
    • The Title of an episode may appear later, but usually appears within the first quest.
  • While playing the episode for the first time, you cannot skip cutscenes playthrough. You may skip cutscenes on repeated playthroughs afterwards.
  • All Shadow Missions will be adjusted to the character's total cumulative level.
    • Basic: Total level of 1 through 99
    • Intermediate: Total level of 100 through 299
    • Advanced: Total level of 300 through 999
    • Hard: Total level of 1,000 or higher
    • There are some exceptions, in which the Shadow Mission will have a fixed difficulty.
  • Like Generation 15 and 16, there are prompts within dialogue. Unlike the aforementioned generations, the prompts in The Saga: Iria have no effect on the outcome of the generation; it only alters the dialogue.
    • There are also very few cases where the player's race affects the dialogue.
  • Completing an episode will reward you a Complete Saga Box and a Saga EP Box of that episode.
    • You may only receive the Complete Saga Box once per character on the first-time completion of that episode.
    • You may only obtain up to 1 Saga EP Box a day for all episodes. This resets at 7:00am PDT100.
      • However, you will always receive a Saga EP Box for completing the episode for the first time.
    • Completing episodes 1 to 10 for the first time will reward a Saga's End Box.
  • You may only do one episode at a time. In order to switch to another episode, you must drop the current episode.
    • Beware that dropping the current episode will erase any progress made on it.
    • If you complete or drop three episodes in one day, you may not drop again until after 7:00am PDT100.
  • You may not start an episode if you have a Shadow Mission in your quest log.
  • All episodes, excluding the side story, can be replayed for 5,000 Gold if one chooses to.
    • The side story costs 0 Gold to replay.
  • There are no penalties for repeating a completed episode. You will receive full rewards from quests, dungeons, and shadow missions that take place in the episode, with the exception of not receiving a Complete Saga Box.

Daily Bonus

The Daily Bonus message displayed in the description of a daily bonus episode.
  • Each day, different episodes will be highlighted. These episodes will reward an additional 100,000 EXP, 30,000 Gold, and 13 AP Coupons upon opening a Saga EP Box, and will also improve one's chances of obtaining a Demonic Weapon or a Shamala's Transformation Medal from the box.
    • The Gold is awarded in a Big Gold Pouch.
    • Completing any episode, even if it is not the daily, will cause the rest of the dailies to be disabled until it resets.
      • However Saga EP Boxes need only be opened whilst they are the daily to qualify for the daily rewards. This means that even if an episode box was received on a day that is not the daily, it can receive the Daily bonus rewards if opened on the correct day. For example: Episode 7 completed on Tuesday; if the box is opened on Thursday, the daily bonus will apply.
        • Only one Saga EP Box May be obtained per day; this resets at 7:00am PDT100. However, the Daily Saga Bonus changes at 12:00am PDT100.
  • On weekdays, two episodes will be highlighted, depending on the day of the week.
    • Monday: Episodes 0, 1, & 2
    • Tuesday: Episodes 3 & 4
    • Wednesday: Episodes 5 & 6
    • Thursday: Episodes 7 & 8
    • Friday: Episodes 9 & 10
  • On weekends (Saturday and Sunday), all episodes are highlighted.

List of Episodes