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Summary Table Questionmark Entries

Fragment of a discussion from Talk:Rest
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The meaning of the data is not known but their values are. The 10 that appeared at Rank 1 is 100% related to Rank 1's ability to reduce potion poisoning but I wouldn't be able to tell you it that was -10 points per second or -10% per second etc. Someone would need to first uncover what that number meant. The other two I'm not sure about and with them only showing at rank N and F would be difficult to figure out.

Also, generally avoid removing something from a page while also asking about the thing you removed.

Lint (talk)18:49, 1 October 2020

Understandable, my apologies for the removal. I'll avoid doing such a thing in the future, my motivation for it came from the thought that a Wiki is a source of information, and thus unclear numbers describing a skill would cause confusion. Sort of like the page tells you useful information, and then says "Oh yeah, also, 15000. Just 15000." It felt like the entry caused more confusion than it did answer questions. However, I'll restate that I definitely understand better now the position that entries like that are to indicate it's in a discovery phase of sorts, and since I have that understanding, I will not make similar modifications to other pages. Thank you for the explanation.

ToasterWaffle (talk)05:15, 2 October 2020

To be fair no one can figure out what the 15000 and 1000 exactly are doing, so it's not like their removal is uncalled for since its very unusual info too (for something to be consistent like that from Novice->F->E and then disappear completely). The 10 on the other hand was/is just waiting for someone to figure out what exactly "10" is doing to reduce pot. poison.

For now I've just added "Potion Poisoning?" so that when someone figures out how the value is playing out they can edit it, but so that users can also appreciate what it's supposed to be doing. Leaving the other two out is probably fine unless someone finds info on them.

Lint (talk)05:40, 2 October 2020

Just to speculate, but it could be a timer for potion poison recovery; if it's a binary 'have/don't have', then it may not make sense to have 'partial recovery', rather just an overall timer for when the effect removal occurs. I don't have any insight on how Mabi runs, just my thought as someone who has developed similar systems before.

My understanding is that we don't even fully know how potion poison works either so, that may need to be determined first.

Bronzebreak (talk)18:35, 5 October 2020