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no_bolt_stack needs to be seperated

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The way the template currently handles no_bolt_stack doesn't apply to Merlin's Shyllien Mana Knuckles. As of right now, if the weapon is a staff but has no_bolt_stack, the template will display that the staff can't be elementally charged, but it can still use intermediate magic. However, the knuckles can be charged with elements, but doesn't require the charges to use int magic.

Yinato (talk)16:01, 20 March 2014

Speaking of which, I don' earn a hermit but can it really not be charged at all? Or just doesn't need it like merlins?

Kapra - (Talk)15:38, 23 March 2014

I never bothered with hermits, so I wouldn't know. Hell, the only reason why I bought the merlin knuckles was because the seller priced it at its counterpart's price.

Yinato (talk)15:49, 23 March 2014