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"one does not truly quit mabi; something interesting shows up that catches their attention for maybe a week or so, then they're off again"
unless you're greav
Status on Mabinogi: active
Status on the Wiki: semi-active


Carpentry.png This user page has been under construction for a few years now. Please watch for falling debris while you read this message, and try not to fall through holes in some of the code.
Template StyleMonster Icon AggroSpeed.gif This user has been ninja'd by Anemki 6 times.
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Char rose.png


Server Mari
Guild GuildMasterIcon.pngDuck
Total 17xxx
Gender Female
Race Elf
Gold Adventure Icon.png
Gold Archery Icon.png
Gold Battle Alchemy Icon.png
Gold Carpentry Icon.png
Gold Chain Slasher Icon.png
Gold Close Combat Icon.png
Gold Cooking Icon.png
Gold Dual Gun Icon.png
Gold Holy Arts Icon.png
Gold Magic Icon.png
Gold Martial Arts Icon.png
Grandmaster Medicine Icon.png
Gold Mercantile Icon.png
Gold Music Icon.png
Gold Ninja Icon.png
Gold Puppetry Icon.png
Gold Smithing Icon.png
Gold Tailoring Icon.png
Gold Transmutation Icon.png
Culinary Artist Icon.png
Druid Icon.png
Soul Star Icon.png
Vates Icon.png
Transformation Awakening of Light.png Fury of Connous.png
Demigod Support Morrighan Skill Icon.png


What I do on this Wiki

I only started actively contributing on the wiki starting in 2012, but I've been around since 2010. I usually upload/replace screenshots and make small edits, such as adding dye info, resell price, etc. I've also been known to take on big projects randomly.

If I end up screwing up an edit, or if my info is a bit off, please let me know. Also, since I'm here to contribute to the wiki, please don't take it personally if I edit/correct what you post, or reupload any screenshots.

Feel free to send me a note on Mabi if you have any questions.

Personal Info

It's nice to have some info on a person if you end up talking to them. (At least it is in my opinion anyway :D...)

  • Name: Tony
  • Age: 22
  • Location: Canada
  • Gender: Male
  • engaged
  • knows how to program in Java, C, C++, Linux, Ruby, Python, SQL, html*, css* and some wiki markup

*if you're asked at an interview if you know how to "program in html/css", just nod your head if the interviewer is not a programmer

Mabi Life

  • Usually found in Ch.6 or Ch.1 Mari
  • Often lurking near Dunbarton Square, running around in Shadow Missions, or afking at my Homestead.

Contributions Worth Mentioning

Below is a small list of mentionable things that I've done since joining in 2011.

  • Completely redid the skills and stats CP lists
  • Created and coded the skill lists for elves, giants and humans, along with the separate pages that hold each table
  • Made the CP calculator (work in progress)

Previous/Ongoing Projects