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Perfect Repair1308:06, 21 December 2014
Continuing thread1116:39, 27 June 2014
Here317:16, 14 April 2014
Melee Auto-Defense Stun101:14, 30 June 2012
Skills pages. o:204:37, 11 June 2012
Martial Arts/Fighter010:53, 4 June 2012
Headless images o.e608:54, 7 May 2012
Astin Gloves321:55, 6 May 2012
PD page315:31, 3 May 2012
Replacing images102:52, 16 April 2012

Perfect Repair

Since I would just be undoing the change you made, I figured it'd be better to talk about Perfect Repair here.

Historically, the concept of "Perfect Repair" has been confusing to people because it still involves failure. While a lot of people may understand what it means now, those who don't need it explained very clearly. That's where this wiki article comes in.

Do you have any problem with the text involving Perfect Repair being changed back?

Doomsday31415 (talk)19:33, 17 December 2014

Depends on which part of the perfect repair you're talking about.

If it's the "Perfect repairs are calculated on a per-point basis. For example...a single check for all 5 points." part that I removed, then yes, I'd have a problem with that since that's already explicitly stated in the second point in basic information.

Yinato (talk)07:24, 18 December 2014

I'm referring to the bullet you mentioned and also "until the item is at full durability".

Perfect Repair is un-intuitive enough that it deserves its own bullet point.

Doomsday31415 (talk)19:54, 18 December 2014

"cannot be repaired any further" = the item being at full durability; literally semantics. I also don't see how something being unintuitive (to you) is reason enough to make it its own bullet point when it can be merged with the point that would otherwise be above it without taking away from its meaning.

Yinato (talk)08:20, 19 December 2014

"full durability" can easily be misinterpreted as Perfect Repair being perfect. You're not considering people getting the information from skimming for important points. They'll read "Perfect Repair repairs to full durability" and then be surprised when it loses max durability.

This information isn't for the people who already understand how the system works. Some people are going to view this page already assuming that "Perfect Repair" is actually perfect, and the page must make sure it doesn't reinforce that. After all, Perfect Repair costs more than a single point repair (doubtful they'll notice it's exactly the number of single point repairs needed).

For the record, this isn't about my understanding of the page; I've known for a long time how repairs work. This is about the people I've met in the past who were confused by how repairing works.

Doomsday31415 (talk)10:26, 19 December 2014

You're also missing the word "attempt." And even if they somehow interpret it the wrong way through skimming, it's their fault for not reading the next few bullet points.

You're making quite a few number of assumptions about the readers you know.

Yinato (talk)10:40, 19 December 2014

The only assumption I'm making is that we can't assume anything about the reader's knowledge upon reaching this page.

Doomsday31415 (talk)12:15, 19 December 2014

I'll be blunt since you seem to be missing the point. Your argument of "skimming" is moot since they could skip over the extra lines that you'd make anyway. If a person is given an instruction manual, skims it, and ends up fucking up because they missed a detail that was on the same page, is the fault on the reader or the writer of the instruction manual? Again, all the details regarding perfect repairs are on the page, but whether visitors decide to read it in its entirety is out of our control.

Yinato (talk)12:33, 19 December 2014

Is it the fault of the reader that no one reads the EULA for any game?

It's the job of the writer to make sure that the important points are put in front, with the smaller details out of the way for those interested.

Doomsday31415 (talk)17:31, 20 December 2014

That's a terrible comparison. No one reads those because almost no one cares. However, in the case of this wiki, people come here purposely looking for information. If someone were interested in learning how repairs work, but fails to read the whole article, then it is his fault.

Things that would be our fault would be things like poor wording that leads to misunderstandings, poor layout that makes information hard to find, or straight up wrong information.

Blargel (talk)18:05, 20 December 2014

Once again...completely missing the fucking point e-e...

Also, it technically and legally is the user's fault, so yeah.

Yinato (talk)18:09, 20 December 2014

Ha, good luck trying to hold up a EULA with anything questionable in court.

Either way, it's pretty clear that out of the 3 people that actually care about this page, I'm in the minority here. Therefore, I have no choice but to back down.

Doomsday31415 (talk)20:57, 20 December 2014

You have no idea how the legal system works do you?

Once again, for the 3rd time (in this thread alone).

Yinato (talk)08:05, 21 December 2014
either attempt a one-point repair or attempt a Perfect Repair, which are consecutive one-point repairs until the item is at full durability.


I think it is very clear from this part of the article that a perfect repair is multiple one-point repairs. Further down, there's even a bullet point that says:

If a failure occurs in the middle of a perfect repair, the rest of the repair will be done at the non-blessed success rate.


This makes it even clearer that a repair can fail in the middle of a perfect repair. I don't see what the issue is with Yinato removing the extra bullet.

Blargel (talk)11:08, 19 December 2014

Continuing thread

Bottom line is that the ultimate anime summer event is just that: an event. If culinary artist was released at the same time as the doki doki event, would it have been doki doki: culinary artist? nope. The anime summer event will eventually end, but the "new beginnings" revamp won't.


For some reason my page's thread was locked so I'm replying here.

Nowhere on Nexon's site does it say "Doki Doki Island: Culinary Artis"t. BUT it clearly says "Ultimate Anime Summer: New Beginnings". I really don't see any arguing with that. This link should have settled this a long time ago.

Kapra - (Talk)15:27, 27 June 2014

The thread was locked to discourage further unnecessary discussion, and you'll find in that quote you're picking at says "If", he was simply trying to make an example. Nexon's naming conventions are erratic, but please disallow this from escalating further. You need to pick your battles more wisely.

Shroom Fonzerelli (talk)15:31, 27 June 2014

Thank you for saving me time of having to throw that back at him :x

Yinato (talk)15:56, 27 June 2014

I feel like you guys are keep ignoring the issue. Yes Nexon's naming is terrible, but we still need to use their names, not our preferences. I have yet to see any evidence saying why "Ultimate Anime Summer: New Beginnings" is incorrect, and I have provided evidence why it is correct.

This is the battle I choose. Updates are what I will fight to death for. I won't be hostile or violent, but I will continue to instigate conflict until change is made or until I get banned because that is what I think is right.

Kapra - (Talk)16:20, 27 June 2014

Yes well we think you're wrong. On all counts. Funny that.

Mystickskye (talk)16:23, 27 June 2014

But why? What is wrong with this being evidence?

Kapra - (Talk)16:25, 27 June 2014

You're not the only who's shown "evidence".

This is the battle I choose. Updates are what I will fight to death for. I won't be hostile or violent, but I will continue to instigate conflict until change is made or until I get banned because that is what I think is right


cue music

Yinato (talk)16:27, 27 June 2014

Because it clearly states what the Revamp is called, in this case "New Beginnings."


Ignoring that it's bad form to continue a topic after an admin has locked it, multiple perspectives for one. You've shown a single page with a single line that backs your stance. Within that one page it also refers to the Ultimate Anime Summer and New Beginnings as two different entities (event period and update content). They aren't necessarily mutually inclusive though it's entirely possible and even probable they could be.

The actual important thing here is that this whole debate is fucking stupid and an immense waste of time so everyone should take a hint from Saiyr and drop it unless they actually have certain privileges (i.e. you don't Kapra).

Mystickskye (talk)16:31, 27 June 2014

I've read your arguments and when you have multiple people clearly going against your argument with proof, it is safe to say your battle has lost and you've lost the war.


But this "proof" others are using is that "New Beginnings" is also used separately. Well, so is Merlin, Starlet, and Vate. The page they're using as "proof" has my proof as well. Just because somewhere they refer to it as "the Starlet content update" means we should just refer to it as Starlet and not the full name? Well I'm okay with that, so long as we do that with everything.

Kapra - (Talk)16:36, 27 June 2014

Discuss this on the forums if you wish to continue.

Saiyr (talk)16:39, 27 June 2014
Ikkisuki (talk)16:27, 14 April 2014

Pft, I'm pretty sure a good portion of my contributions are of cleaning up "edits" of a certain person already.

Kinda confused about why you mentioned mr. sock puppet though. But that picture did make me laugh. XD

Yinato (talk)17:00, 14 April 2014
Ikkisuki (talk)17:15, 14 April 2014

Eh...had a feeling that was the case, but at least he changed numbers this time?

Yinato (talk)17:16, 14 April 2014

Melee Auto-Defense Stun

I pinged a Zombie, my combo was not interrupted, I could still load Windmill. Therefore 'stun' is non-existent.

Infodude57501:09, 30 June 2012

Okay, let that zombie (or something that hits less) hit you until you ping, and it'll be interrupted. The auto-defense page isn't just for players, it's in regards to players, monsters, etc. Stun might not exist for players, but it does for monsters, so removing it would be providing false information.

Yinato01:12, 30 June 2012

Skills pages. o:

Looks awesome! Guildies say it's awesome too. However, they mentioned that rank 8 Meditation isn't there, and it could be a good idea to put a separator between the Paladin and Dark Knight tables. Oh, and Spirit of Order is listed twice. o 3o

Prairie Dragon Heart.png Anemkitalk to mecontributions16:34, 8 June 2012

Thank you! I've fixed the meditation and trans duplicates, but I'm going seperate the pally/dk later.

Yinato16:50, 8 June 2012

Okay, everything should be there and the pally/dk skills have been separated.

Yinato04:37, 11 June 2012

Martial Arts/Fighter

Actually, it was never called Martial Arts in any server, that was a purely fanon name.

Pyro - (Talk)10:53, 4 June 2012

Headless images o.e

I'm sorry it just looks weird Angevon said here that it's better to take pictures with heads, than those without.

It's probably personal preference interfering with this x.x but neeh, think it's possible to have the head in the frame as well? I'm aware that clothing is the main focus.

S•A•R•I•A07:52, 7 May 2012

Nah, I normally prefer having the whole body show. It's just that in this case, the character I used would either have had a duck cap on or a carrot muncher hat o-o; I'll retake the pictures as I get the images for the dungeon passes.

Yinato07:58, 7 May 2012

obstructing hairstyles can be covered with a popo merchant cap or a helm that is not distracting.

S•A•R•I•A08:07, 7 May 2012

I'd have to wear something that would cover the entire head since the hair my character uses has long bangs. I'll see what I can dig up in my pet's inv.

Yinato08:09, 7 May 2012

Quick question, would a duck/fox cap count as distracting? o-o

Yinato08:42, 7 May 2012

Ehh I've seen Seecret use her fox cap on numerous occasions on back views. You can just keep the head in the frame unless it obscures the back view. that's normally when most people wear a hat.

S•A•R•I•A08:46, 7 May 2012

I guess the bald wig would work in every situation but...I can see that as being slightly distracting.

Yinato08:54, 7 May 2012

Astin Gloves

Hey, I just wanted to give you a little tip so you don't get in trouble like I did. Nudity in images aren't really preferred and some frown upon it. Do you think you could retake the images for your gloves without nudity?

♥šεεçrετ♥19:47, 6 May 2012

I would, but I'd need to retake it on another character. The only clothes I have on my main block out most gloves (including the astin gloves)

Yinato19:51, 6 May 2012

Ah yes that annoys me too x.x

♥šεεçrετ♥20:08, 6 May 2012

I'll retake it when I redo the SM bat dress in a few mins.Done.

Yinato20:32, 6 May 2012

Technically speaking, Auto-defense is essentially the same as passive defense...don't see why you had to redo the page. It's better when it was all one page.

☽ミ☆カ☆ヤ☾15:03, 3 May 2012

Actually, they're technically different. All PD does is reduce what's added to the knockdown gauge and the damage you take. auto-defense is what lets the player quickly move upon being hit. There are other differences, but I'm a bit tired after making 2 pages x.x;
If you take a look at the two pages, most of what was on the PD page is now on the auto-defense page, so maybe that'll show you how the two defenses were being confused (especially when you look at the previous edits of the PD page XD. I'm guilty of confusing the two as well >>)

Yinato15:08, 3 May 2012

They technically behave the same way. But I'll just let the community decide :x everything is usually fixed by them @@

☽ミ☆カ☆ヤ☾15:19, 3 May 2012

Too many technicalities >_<! The way I see it, there was enough info and details about auto-defense to give it its own page. I mean practically half of the old PD page was about auto-defense and the calculations.

Yinato15:31, 3 May 2012

Replacing images

When you replace an image, such as replacing a JPEG with a PNG image, be sure to tag the old images for deletion using {{Delete|Replaced}}. This way, the administrators can delete the old unused images from the servers.

TheFarix02:51, 16 April 2012

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind when I replace any images in the future.

Yinato02:52, 16 April 2012