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Icon of StyleWeapon
? × ?
? 1 Hit Weapon
Base Stats Limitations
Damage  ?~? Injury  ?%~?% Human Spirit Expression error: Unexpected / operator.
100% = ? G
Balance  ?% Critical  ?% Elf Enchant
Stun Unknown
0/0 Giant Reforge
NPC Value?
S. Radius
S. Angle
S. Damage
Enchant Types?
Other Information
Obtained From?
Sold By?
  • None
  • None
[edit]Template Documentation


Use this template for all weapons.


Parameter Usage Important?
Name Name of the weapon, if the page name is not already that; delete if it is No
Icon Name of the icon, if the name is not already that of page name or specified name; delete if it is No
Ext Extension of the icon file, if extension is not .png; delete if it is No
Desc Description of the item No
Category Places the item under the correct categories as well as inserts additional information for the item No
XML Additional information on the item No
BuyPrice To display the item's bought price from NPCs as well as return rate Yes
Tradability Determines if the conditions on trading the item (Default as 0) No
Race The race(s) that can equip the item No
Width The width of the item inside the inventory Yes
Height The length of the item inside the inventory Yes
Color1 The dye palette used for Part A No
Color2 The dye palette used for Part B No
Color3 The dye palette used for Part C No
CanReforge Can the item be reforged? Yes
CanEnchant Can the item be enchanted? Yes
AttackSpeed Weapon attack speed Yes
DownHitCount # of hits before an enemy gets knocked down Yes
Range Range of the weapon (applies to Ranged Weapons) No
MinDamage Minimum Damage of a weapon. Yes
MaxDamage Maximum Damage of a weapon. Yes
MinInjury Minimum injury % of a weapon. No
MaxInjury Maximum injury % of a weapon. No
Critical Critical % of a weapon Yes
Balance Balance % of a weapon Yes
Durability Full and base durability of a weapon. Yes
Upgrades Number of upgrades possible on the weapon. No
GemUpgrades Number of gem upgrades. No
Repair## ## being the repair rate, without the % sign, fill in with price to repair at that percentage No
ObtainList A bullet list of where to obtain this weapon No
SellList A bullet list of where to purchase this weapon No