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Icon of StyleWeapon
? × ?
? 1 Hit Weapon
Base Stats Limitations
Damage ?~? Injury ?%~?% Human Classic Spirit Expression error: Unexpected / operator.
100% = ? G
Balance ?% Critical ?% Elf Enchant
Stun Unknown Upgrade?100 0/0 Giant Reforge
NPC Value?
100 Dual W.100 Sp. Up.100
S. Radius100 0 S. Angle100
S. Damage100 SP/Swing100 2.0
Enchant Types?100
Other Information
Obtained From?100
Sold By?
  • None
  • None
[edit]Template Documentation


Use this template for all weapons.

Common Parameters

Parameter Usage Important?
Name Name of the weapon, if the page name is not already that No
Icon Name of the icon, if the name is not already that of page name or specified name; delete if it is No
Ext Extension of the icon file, if extension is not .png; delete if it is No
Desc Description of the item No
Category Places the item under the correct categories as well as inserts additional information for the item No
BuyPrice To display the item's bought price from NPCs (that are not selling at a discount). Used for calculating return rate and repairs. Yes
SellPrice Static selling value. This is not affected by it being sold at a discount etc. No
Resell Override for the return value when sold to NPCs. No
Race The race(s) that can equip the item No
Width The width of the item inside the inventory Yes
Height The length of the item inside the inventory Yes
Color1 The dye palette index used for Part A No
Color2 The dye palette index used for Part B No
Color3 The dye palette index used for Part C No
CanReforge Can the item be reforged (true/false)? Yes
CanEnchant Can the item be enchanted (true/false)? Yes
CanTrade Can the item be placed in a trade window (true/false)? If it can only be traded a certain number of times, you must set this to the number of times instead of just "true" No
CanSellToNPC Can the item be sold to an NPC (true/false)? No
CanSellToPlayer Can the item be sold in a personal shop (true/false)? No
CanStorePet Can the item be stored on a pet (true/false)? No
CanPickupOther Can someone else pick up this item if you drop it (true/false)? No
CanWithdrawOther Can this item be placed in or withdrawn from an alt character's bank tab (true/false)? No
Dye Can this be dyed (true/false)? No
AttackSpeed Weapon attack speed.
Speed name Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4
Very Fast 0 5 15 -
Fast 1 6 16 26
Normal 2 7 17 -
Slow 3 8 18 -
Very Slow 4 9 19 -
DownHitCount From the "# Hit Weapon" text on weapons, take that number and subtract 1. Yes
Range Range of the weapon (applies to Ranged Weapons) No
MinDamage Minimum Damage of a weapon. Yes
MaxDamage Maximum Damage of a weapon. Yes
MinInjury Minimum injury % of a weapon. No
MaxInjury Maximum injury % of a weapon. No
Critical Critical % of a weapon Yes
Balance Balance % of a weapon Yes
Durability Full and base durability of a weapon. What a weapon without crafting/drop bonuses reports as the max durability * 1000. Yes
Upgrades Number of upgrades possible on the weapon. No
GemUpgrades Number of gem upgrades. No
SpecialUpgrade Can the weapon be special upgraded (with upgrade stones) (y/n)? No
Spirit Can the weapon be made into a spirit weapon (y/n)? No
Repair## ## being the repair rate, without the % sign, use this to override the price to repair at that percentage. No
ObtainList A bullet list of where to obtain this weapon. Of the form:
*[[Enemy]] Difficulty
Set and Set2 If this item is part of a designer set (or two), use these. No
SellList A bullet list of where to purchase this weapon. Of the form:
|SellList=*## G
Information Extra information about the weapon as a bullet list. No

Uncommon Parameters

Parameter Usage
BundleMax Maximum stack count. Default: can't be stacked.
Defense Bonus defense conferred by this item.
AlchemyElemental Elemental type of a cylinder. all, water, fire, earth, wind
AlchemyElementalBonus Elemental bonus to cylinders. The type is increased by (this * 3) % and others are decreased by this %
ImageStyle Extra CSS styles for the icon image.
NoCharge If this is set, indicates a staff that cannot be charged elementally.
Overrideformat If this is set, do not run formatnum over SellList.
SetBonus Set bonus that this weapon confers. An example:
|SetBonus=*<span style="color: blue;">+5 Charge Enhancement</span>
Erg Set this to override the automation. Can be n to say Erg is not possible or be a specific type from the following list:
Dual Gun
Control Bar
2H Sword
1H Sword
1H Axe
1H Blunt
2H Axe
2H Blunt

Crafting Parameters

Parameter Usage
SkillRank First skill rank this can be crafted at.
SuccessRate_r? Where ? can be E through 1. Base success rate for this rank.

Extra Parameters

Parameter Usage
add_shape_collect_rate Transformation mastery collection bonus %
cooltime_sec Seconds of cooldown between uses
frostbite_damage_rate Damage modifier for frostbite DoT.
frostbite_duration Duration of frostbite in miliseconds.
frostbite_rate Chance of inflicting frostbite.
frozenattack_duration Duration of freeze in miliseconds.
frozenattack_rate Chance of freezing the enemy.
lance_piercing Base piercing level.
magazinetype What kinds of things can go in the left hand when this is equipped.
What to write Description
/arrow/ Arrows for bows.
/bolt/ Bolts for crossbows.
/giant_throw/ Javelins for atlatls.
/ballista_bolt/ Bolts for balloon ballistas
/score/ Score scrolls for instruments
/fishing/bait/ Bait for fishing rods
/training/bait/ Bait for taming canes
/blacksmith/manual/ Manuals for blacksmithing
/enchantscroll/ Scrolls for enchanting
max_bullet Base maximum amount of bullets a gun can hold.
max_range_mod Maximum distance for a lance attack
min_range_mod Minimum distance for a lance attack
motion_category If this instrument forces other players to do an action, set this to 53
motion_element If this instrument forces other players to do an action, set this to:
32 dance1(?)
33 dance2(?)
34 dance3(?)
8 doomed
2 cry
1 laugh
3 clap
16 hooray
35 dance4
30 salute
47 I Love You!
random_product Bonus stats that can be obtained from crafting. An example:
splash_angle Angle of melee splash in degrees
splash_damage Splash damage as a decimal representing %
splash_radius Splash radius in distance
stamina_usage Stamina usage per swing
summon_set Summons a creature to fight along side you, according to the table:
1 a Siamese, Bombay, Japanese Bobtail, Dark Russian Blue, Himalayan, or Scottish Fold
2 2 Skeleton Wolves
3 an Ogre Warrior
23 a Squirrel
24 a stuffed Fennec Fox
summon_limit Maximum number of creatures that can be in play at a time.
summon_rate Chance of summoning.
summon_shadow_rgn_only Whether or not it can only be summoned in the shadow realm (true/false).
talent_id ID of talent required to use this.
talent_level Level of talent required to use this.
trainingbonus Taming bonus provided for this taming cane.