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Wiki'd Life




Increasing Trans Duration (i.e. how long one stays in transformation mode):

  • Note: This method will only work if none of your characters on the account is over level 300 for both regular and exploration levels
    • Note 2: Since they've updated the level for beginner advantages from 300 to 1000, you do not need to keep rebirthing till 1000. The general amount of rebirths you should do is around 30~40. Therefore, you do not have to be as cautious about leveling, though you should try to rebirth as many times as possible.
  • Complete G1 and G2 while leveling as little as possible
  • Rebirth everyday until you reach level 300 total while not leveling at all
    • You may level your exploration level while you rebirth but remember to never go over your regular total level
      • The best way to level exploration is to go to Courcle to find artifacts (Pantay Swamp would be the best choice if you want to do G7; Otherwise, around Cor would be the quickest way to level)
      • Other methods (Hot Air Ballooning and Rafting) are not recommended

Maximizing Ego Growth:

  • Please use this and make sure to utilize the item list of your respective ego - the link can be found on the front page

Minimizing Tailoring Expenses:

  • This is a tailoring training method for experience in the 'failure' or 'product completion' categories. Not only does this save a ton of money, it also saves time making materials or money buying materials. In this method, you will only need the materials and patterns to complete a headband Before starting, make sure you have a ton of inv space to fit 6-12 stacks cheap fabrics, 2-4 patterns, and 1-4 stacks of cheap finishing thread. The higher your rank, the more space you'll need. At r2 training, I left space for 11 stacks of fabric, 3 patterns, and 3 stacks of cheap thread. The central idea is you want to keep your inventory full, not even a 1x1 inventory space should be left open.
  • Place the tailoring skill at an easy to locate hotkey. I place mine at 1 for ease. Once you've bought all of the materials listed, click the hotkey for tailoring. Now mouse over one of your stacks of fabrics and take out 9. Use 'shift' + 'left click' for quickness. Now place the fabric into the items needed section and hit 'start'. You'll now notice that you're still holding onto the fabric. After completing, hit the tailoring hotkey again. This time, you'll see that you have a product ready for finishing. Right click that icon and it should disappear. Now you can place the fabric in the items needed section. Continue doing this till you have only 1 fabric in your hand. This time, you'll switch it out for a new stack of 10. Continue the process.
  • The incomplete headbands will pile up in a temporary window. Since the count for completion is less than the count for failures, letting a few drop doesn't hurt. Just remember to grab as many as you need to after using up the fabric in your inventory. You could also store them in pets if you have more space.
  • The higher your rank, the higher the gap between failures and finishes will be, so you won't have to worry about letting the headbands drop. For the finishing, use the same method as explained above. For the minigame, failure is not an option. You can only 100% complete the item even if you make random zigzags. Click again to finish and repeat the process, etc.
  • Once you've completed the failure and completion requirement, you can either train by normal methods (success/huge success/huge failure) or you can use training seals.
  • Final notes: This method gives a good amount of exp for tailoring, generally around the range of 25~40. Using this method is very tedious, but it beats working harder for more expensive materials. This method also minimizes the amount of cursor/mouse drag that you have to do, saving you half the time it would have taken without using this method. At rank 2 training, I was able to gain 52 exp with minor breaks using this method, but it did take me 3 hours with 4x exp (talent and event). I also spent around 70k gold; however, I did earn some back by npcing the headbands (around 25k). Without the extra 2x, it would have taken me 6 hours plus a total net loss of 90k gold, so try to use this method during a 2x event, which occurs pretty often.

Cheaper Banking for Stacked Items:

  • If you have a stack item and want to add to the stack that's already in the bank, you should take out the stack from the bank and ADD the item to that stack. Do NOT add the stack to the item you want to put in the bank; otherwise, the bank will charge you for the entire stack instead of saying "cancel transfer".

Respite Training

  • To satisfy the "Use Respite when in distress" condition, get your hp as low as you can manage to get it (by getting attacked, DK, etc.). After, use respite until the training condition is met and then cancel the skill. Now that you're under the Respite Aftereffect, use healing on yourself. This will cause you to lose HP, MP, and SP. Keep repeating as necessary if you are not yet "in distress".
    • Note: Depleting all of your HP will not kill you when doing this; you will simply go into deadly.