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Hot-Air Ballooning

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Basic Information

A two-person balloon.

Hot-Air Ballooning is a special activity that allows players to ride in a balloon aircraft. A Hot-Air Balloon Kit may be purchased from Kelpie in Zardine. There are two kinds:

Pets and Partners cannot be summoned on the balloon nor taken aboard, except for the Jungle Scout Imp, Lava Walker Imp, and Warp Imp.

Balloon Details

A balloon almost out of fuel.
Hot Air Ballooning.png
  • To create a balloon, right-click the kit and select "Use" or ctrl + left click the kit.
  • To get on the balloon, simply click on it. To get off, simply click anywhere outside the balloon.
  • After boarding the balloon, players can click on the steering wheel to control the balloon.
  • Balloons have a red HP bar as well as a yellow fuel bar.
    • Balloons loses HP when onboard players are attacked by Wyverns or other players and is irrecoverable. The damage the balloon receives is equal to the damage the player(s) receives.
    • Balloons loses fuel at a steady rate and can be replenished by dragging and dropping Flint into the balloon's burner.
      • Fuel still depletes even if the balloon is on the ground and/or not boarded.
      • If holding a stack of Flint, only one will be added at a time; there is no need to divide before adding.
      • Once fuel runs out, the balloon will slowly fall to the ground, eject all players on it, and disappear.
  • Thunder, Ice Spear, Fireball, Doppelganger, Spellwalk, Meteor Strike, and Fantastic Chorus cannot be used while on a Hot-Air Balloon.

Balloon Controls

Balloon Controls.png
  • To gain control of the balloon, a player must click the steering wheel at the balloon's center. A control window appears right next to the player's mini map.
  • When on the ground, click the "Take off" button to begin flying. The balloon will slowly rise into the air until reaching 30 altitude meters.
  • When in the air, click the "Land" button to land. The balloon will slowly fall to the ground.
    • The balloon can only land if it is under 40 altitude meters.
  • The up arrow button increases the altitude of the balloon, causing it to rise.
  • The down button decreases, the altitude of the balloon, causing it to fall.
  • To move the balloon around, click the ground beneath the balloon (which can be difficult to do in high altitudes) or click anywhere on the mini map.
    • Players do not need to keep holding onto the steering wheel as the balloon moves.
  • Steering depletes the player's stamina at a rate of ?

Slaying Wyverns

Player frozen by Ice Wyvern.
  • Wyverns fly in the western side of Zardine and will engage players and their balloons. Likewise, the players can also attack the wyverns.
    • When the balloon is landing, the wyvern's attacks are unable to hit the player, but the player also cannot attack back.
  • Wyverns can only be hit with Archery, Icebolt, Firebolt, Lightning Bolt, Throwing Attack, Water Cannon, or Sand Burst.
    • The player usually needs to be within roughly 10 altitude meters in order to hit the wyvern.
  • Killing a wyvern nets the player stars. These can be turned into Kelpie for rewards.
    • Fire Wyverns are worth 5 stars each.
    • Lightning Wyverns are worth 4 stars each.
    • Ice Wyverns are worth 3 stars each.
    • Wyverns with titles such as "the Hungry" give double the amount of stars as normal untitled ones.
    • Stars are equally divided amongst each player; the more players on the balloon, the fewer stars earned, though it may be easier to hunt with more players.
  • If the player enters another balloon, leaves Zardine, changes channels, or logs off, all stars earned will disappear.


  • The Wyverns tend to do drive-by attacks. The best time to shoot a Magnum Shot would be right as they come in to attack.
  • It may be prudent to have a player or two using the corresponding Magic Shield skills when the Wyverns swoop in.
  • You may also use the ballistae to shoot at the Wyverns. Better bolts can be obtained as a reward for hunting Wyverns.
    • However, the ballistae becomes overshadowed by high ranks in wyvern fighting skills.
    • Unless you have a mid- to high-ranked archer operating a ballista, very little damage is done even if using Poison Tip Wyvern Ballista Bolts.
  • A +4 Chain Casted Firebolt can easily take down Ice Wyverns in 1 or 2 hits.
  • A high ranked Water Cannon and Chain Cylinder can help against Lightning and Fire Wyverns.
  • Demigod skills do not work on the balloons, however demigod can help boost recovery.
  • Playing Dead can help, but beware of the wyvern's splash damage.
  • If the player wishes to escape, they can set a steering path and then Play Dead.
  • Gearing all nine equipment slots, all elemental-enhanced of the same type, will negate the wyvern's damage to 1. For example, having Ice-enhanced gear will negate Ice Wyvern's damage to 1.
    • However, Ice Wyvern's attacks will still freeze the player.
    • This may not work if there are multiple types of wyverns in one area.


Star.png One star.
Big Star.png Five normal Stars are one Big Star.
  • Your score will determine your rewards.
  • You'll always be offered the item in bold. You have a small chance to get one or more of the other items listed.
  • Partial stars are rounded down. ie. Half of a star = 0 star
# of Small Stars # of Big Stars Gold Exploration
Item Set 1 Item Set 2
1~5 less than 1 460 g 700 Small Hot-Air Balloon Kit x1
MP 10 Potion x5
Bandage x10
Small Hot-Air Balloon Kit x1
Stamina 30 Potion x5
Ballista Bolts x30
6~10 between 1~2 1400 g 1000 Ballista Bolts x10
Handmade Bandage x10
Enchant Scroll (Burst Soldier) x1
Thin Thread Ball x5
Handmade Bandage x10
Sunlight Herb x5
11~15 between 2~3 3000 g 1500 Large Hot-air Balloon Kit x1
Base Herb x10
Bloody Herb x10
Thick Thread Ball x5
Handmade Ballista Bolts x30
Enchant Scroll (Mana Magician) x1
16~20 between 3~4 5480 g 1750 Wyvern Claw x1
Stamina 50 Potion x10
Snake Gauntlet x1
Iron Ore x10
Large Hot-air Balloon Kit x1
Flint x2
21~25 between 4~5 7170 g 2010 Handmade Ballista Bolts x10
Fine Silk x1
Ancient Taming Cane x1
Iron Ore Fragment x10
Fine Handmade Ballista Bolts x30
Enchant Scroll (Poison Archer's) x1
26~30 between 5~6 8790 g 2360 Wyvern Claw x2
Iron Ingot x10
Fine Handmade Bandages x10
Copper Ore Fragment x10
Finest Silk x1
Likeability Potion x1
31~35 between 6~7 10690 g 2610 Wyvern Claw x3
HP 50 Potion x10
Giant Bird Leg Boots x1
Mandrake x10
MP 30 Potion x10
Silver Ore Fragment x10
36~40 between 7~8 12360 g 2900 Fine Handmade Ballista Bolts x10
Flint x5
Tikka Wood Taming Cane x1
Fine Leather x1
Enchant Scroll (Mana Witch) x1
Gold Ore Fragment x10
41~45 between 8~9 14500 g 3110 Wyvern Claw x4
Ring Bow x1
Mana Herb x10
MP 50 Potion x10
Finest Handmade Ballista Bolts x30
Wood Board x1
46~50 between 9~10 16050 g 3760 Wyvern Claw x5
Fine Fabric x1
Enchant Scroll (Poison Hunter's) x1
HP 100 Potion x10
Finest Handmade Bandages x10
Finest Fabric x1
51+ more than 10 17810 g 4200 Finest Handmade Ballista Bolts x10
Poison Herb x10
Lightning Warrior's Helmet x1
Hebona Shoes x1
Thames Plate Boots x1
Golden Herb x10
Enchant Scroll (Burst Warrior) x1
Finest Leather x1
Arbalest x1
Enchant Scroll (Hawk) x1
Enchant Scroll (Viscount) x1

Related Titles

# Name Hint Description Hint Requirement Title Description Requirement(s) Effects
24 the Daring Hot-air Balloon Pilot Try to push the burner's capacity to its max. Add fuel with less than 10 seconds until crashing. Whew, for a moment there, it seemed like the burner was going to give out, but somehow, you did it! Add fuel when the balloon is about to crash.

Note: Fuel must be added within the last second before the balloon completely runs out to earn the title, 8 seconds after the fuel bar turns completely black.

MaxSP -30
Dex +10
Will +10
Int +5, Luck +5
Protection +3%
90 the Wyvern Hunter Title given by Kelpie to those who collect a large amount of Wyvern Claws. Defeat a wyvern while Hot Air Ballooning. You delivered a whooping 1000 Wyvern Claws to Kelpie. Turn in 1000 Wyvern Claws to Kelpie.

Note: You will be giving him the claws.

MaxHP +10
MaxMP +10
MaxSP -10
Str +20
Dex +20
Luck -15
Will -15