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User:Librarian/Rabbie Advanced

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General Info (Adv)

Drop Item: Rabbie Advanced Fomor Pass
Number of Floors: 1
Visible Floors: 1
Dead end treasure chests: Yes
Herb Room: No
Treasure Chamber: No
Tiro: Yes
Fountain: Sometimes

Monsters (Adv)

  • The following have not been sighted since the 7-Oct-2021 dungeon update. If you sight them, move them back into the above list.

Spawn Patterns (Adv)

Rewards (Adv)

Party Quests (Adv)

Party Quest Requirements Reward Sold by
Hunt Down the Laghodessas Defeat 30 Laghodessas 1,200 EXP, 2,631 Gold Duncan
Hunt Down the Skeletons Defeat 30 Skeletons 882 EXP, 2,352 Gold Eavan
Hunt Down the Red Skeletons Defeat 30 Red Skeletons 972 EXP, 2,592 Gold
Hunt Down the Metal Skeletons Defeat 30 Metal Skeletons 1,107 EXP, 2,949 Gold
Hunt Skeletons Defeat 10 Metal Skeletons,
Defeat 20 Red Skeletons
762 EXP, 1,890 Gold
Hunt Down the Gold Goblins Defeat 10 Gold Goblins 159 EXP, 357 Gold
Hunt Down the Skeleton Wolves Defeat 30 Skeleton Wolves 624 EXP, 1,560 Gold
Defeat the Red Succubus Defeat 1 Red Succubus,
Defeat 1 Yellow Succubus,
Defeat 4 Giant Lightning Sprites
15,200 EXP, 20,000 Gold