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Portrait of Duncan
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Chief of Tir Chonaill
Location Tir Chonaill
(Outside Chief's House)

Track Experience Turns Gold
Once again, Welcome to Tir Chonaill.



An elderly man watches over the town with a soft, confident gaze. While his leathery skin and gray hair are indicative of his long life, his eyes retain a youthful twinkle. When he speaks, his voice resonates with gentle authority.

Duncan is the town chief of Tir Chonaill. His silver-ivory hair and wrinkles make it evident that he is greatly aged. His defiant physique, however, reminds others of his distinguished past. According to Nao, he used to be a master archer.

Esteemed for his profound wisdom and experience, residents of Tir Chonaill and Milletians often drop by his house for consultation and advice. He is surely the venerable and trustworthy father figure for all townspeople.

Skill Reset

Any player can speak to Duncan with the button 'Reset Skills' to perform an All Skill Reset, resetting all of their skills back to rank F (this behaves identically to an All Skill Reset Capsule).

  • Any AP spent on skills is refunded, but any stats and skill effects provided by the skill are taken away.
  • Players above total level 1000 must pay a gold fee that gets higher every time you choose to reset your skills again.
  • Characters under total level 1000 can freely reset their skills at no cost
    • However this only applies to accounts that do not have a character above the total level 1000.

Storyline Selection

[Guide] Storyline Selection
How to Get Quest

Reach cumulative level 100

Briefing You're making good progress on the storyline! If you want to switch to a different storyline, come and see me. - Duncan -
  • Talk to Duncan in Tir Chonaill.
  • 20000 Experience Points

By talking to Duncan and using the "Select Storyline" button, players can begin Mainstream questss without having to complete the previous ones. For example, players can start the Generation 2 storyline before they have completed the Generation 1 storyline, and do both quest lines simultaneously. This does not complete previous storylines, they will still need to be done to obtain any rewards or transformations.

The button only appears when another storyline is available.


It is no doubt that Duncan's history is a famed and glorious one. However, the specifics of his heroism are largely shrouded in mystery.

Mainstream Story





Track Title
Experience Turns Gold
Speaking to Duncan


  • Duncan is a variant of the Scottish Gaelic name Donnchadh or the Irish Donncha.
    • It is a combination of the word donn (meaning brown or brown-haired, except in literature where it can also mean chief or noble) and the word chadh which is likely a form of the word cath (meaning battle or troop).
  • His introduction was changed from the following: A gray beard and long hair shade the deep wrinkles lining the chief's forehead. He definitely looks like an elderly man with decades of untold experiences. But his beaming eyes defy his age, and his deep voice resounds with dignity and authority no young ones dare to disobey.