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I am a wiki editor who generally makes minor contributions, usually little details on monsters and skills and filling in missing information when I have the time. IGN: Pyroblade (Human OldGuy)

Alts: Utgar (Giant Javelin-Chucker) Lavarr (Elf Herb-Pickin Slave) Senkaiza (Human Blacksmith)

Server: Ruairi Status: Writhing in anticipation for Zero Update


To-Do List once back on Mabinogi:

  • Get goddess obsidian blades artisan'd
  • Enchant a fomor ice wand with Sinister and a shield with Will o' Wisp(nvm, only need one charge's worth of mp even for cc)
  • Get an Arbalest enchanted with Lizard
  • Get Ecstacy enchanted on some gloves and boots for alchemy
  • Joust for knight lance and spaika plate
  • Get a Mandolin of Enthusiasm for fun
  • Donate to Tara box and get the 4th place sword

Masked Goblin Thief Alchemist suit

  • Find the spare time for all this
  • Violent Destruction energetic powerful enchants

barri for fb pages use g9 noiter arat on giant alt