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Player Profile

I am that which does not exist.

If you play Mabinogi (which I'll assume you do):

Mari Server: Higanbana is my known character. I log on usually once every 3 weeks.

Total Level: Over 1

Skills (for self)

Sticking with a 300 Second Highest CP skill.

Skills already at R1:

Critical hit, Smash, Windmill, (Combat mastery (deranked with old skill resets)), Ranged Attack, Refine, Fury of Connous

Skills at Cap:

Meditation: r9 Composition: r7 Support Shot: rF Tamed Wild Animals: r6 Campfire: r8 Musical Knowledge:r6

Skills not at R1 or cap:

Close: Production mastery, Charge, Fragmentation,

Not Close: Rest, First Aid, Tailoring, Playing Instrument, Weaving, Handicraft, Blacksmithing, Cooking, herbalism, potion making, Fishing, metallurgy,

Defense, Counterattack, magnum shot, Sharp Mind, Mirage Missile, Final Shot,

healing, magic mastery, lightning bolt, firebolt, icebolt, enchant, party healing, thunder, fireball, ice spear, magic fire shield, magic ice shield, magic lightning shield, natural magic shield, mana shield.

Synthesis, mana crystallization, hp drain, alchemy mastery, water cannon, barrier spikes, wind blast, summon golem, sand burst

Elven missile: rF, Armor of Connous r5, Mind of Connous: rE, Sharpness of Connous, r6, natural shield: rF, Heavy Stander: rF, Mana Deflector: rF

Order of Skill ranking

First list: r6 Synthesis, r9 alchemy mastery, fragmentation r6

Second: r1 production mastery, rA ice spear, rB thunder,

Third: r2 mirage missile, r2 magnum shot, r6 final shot

Fourth: r6 charge, r6 magic mastery, r6 ice bolt, r1 mana crystallization,

Fifth: r1 summon golem, r1 barrier spikes, r6 defense

Sixth: r6 mana shield, r1 firebolt, r2 lightning bolt, r1 ice bolt,

Seventh: r6 hp drain, r6 water cannon, r6 wind blast, r6 sand burst, r4 Frozen Blast, r6 heat Buster, r6 Flame Burst

Eight: r1 Tailoring, r1 Playing instrument, r1 Cooking, r1 Herbalism, r1 Fishing, r6 metallurgy, r9 Potion Making

Ninth: r6 magic fire shield, r6 magic ice shield, r6 magic lightning shield, r6 natural magic shield,

Tenth: r1 healing, r8 thunder, r6 fireball, r1 ice spear, r6 party heal, r1 counterattack

Eleventh: r7 Rest, r8 First Aid

Twelfth: r1 Blacksmithing, r1 potion making, r6 handicraft, r1 enchant, r1 Weaving,

Ranks to Get:

Combat Mastery r1

Critical Hit r1

Smash r1=300

Defense r6=290 r5=320 350 380 390 400

Counterattack r1

Windmill r1=350

Charge r2=300 350

Ranged Attack (Elf) r1

Magnum Shot r2=290 r1=320

Support Shot r2=300 330

Mirage Missile r2=290 r1=320

Final Shot r5=290 r4=320 350 380 430

Icebolt r1

Firebolt r1

Lightning Bolt r2=290 r1=320

Fireball r6=300 330 360 400 450 500

Thunder r8=290 r7=320 350 380 420 460 500 550

Ice Spear r1

Magic Mastery r1

Healing r1

Party Healing r1

Meditation r1

Rest r1

First Aid r1

Production Mastery r1

Alchemy Mastery r1

Barrier Spikes r1

Fragmentation r1

Flame Burst r4=300 r3=320 340 350

Frozen Blast r5=280 r4=320 350 380 440

Heat Buster r6=280 350 370 390 420 450

Life Drain r2=300 350

Mana Crystallization r1

Metal Conversion r1

Rain Casting r1

Sand Burst r1

Shock r6=300 330 360 400 450 500

Summon Golem r1

Synthesis r1

Water Cannon r6=290 310 r4=320 330 340 350

Wind Blast r1

Enemies In Game

Warriors [Guild]: Stole Rose Plate Event Armor. Lied about it to me (when I was on an alt) and behind my back. Threatening/lying to a guild leader(s), which led to a friend(s) being kicked out of their guild(s).

Dawn [Guild]: (Mainly guild leader). Ally of Warriors. Kicked friend out after believing lies Warriors guild told (despite evidence otherwise). Guild leader did not discuss with members about what he did.

Slayers [Guild]: Ally of Warriors guild and helped Warriors guild with the threatening.

Davids2003 [Player]: Warriors guild leader.

Wrathofend [Player]: Dawn guild leader. Kicked out a player without discussing with guild or the player. Refusing to believe evidence proving player's innocence. Changing guild's alliance without discussing with guild, causing another friend to leave (partially due to the fact that I am an enemy of Warriors and their allies after the other incident with Dawn).

Allies In Game

Allies will not be named for their safety. See above for reasons. (When someone starts attacking someone's friends, the next step is IRL attacks. This has happened before. Luckily, before, nobody was seriously hurt).

Favorite links

Making Lists 
|| Refine List || Weaving List || Herb List || 
|| Blacksmith List || Tailoring List || Potion List || 
|| Handicraft List || Category:Cooking || Fishing Items || List of Enchants || Category:Enchants
Making skills 
|| Refine || Weaving || Herbalism || 
|| Blacksmith || Tailoring || Potion Making || 
|| Handicraft || Cooking || Fishing || Enchant || 
|| Metallurgy || 
|| Musical Knowledge || Playing Instrument || Compose ||

Wiki Research

Female Ego Bow Gems:

Garnet: Will

Spinel: Luck and Int

Emerald: Str and Dex

Ruby: Int, luck, will, dex

Topaz: Int and Dex

Jasper: Will and Luck

Star Sapphire:


Wiki Allies

The people that work with Sinnoaria to improve the wiki:

Want to get

Various Videos and Such

Featured: Fillia Infiltration:

Youtube (Mabinogi showings)

Deviantart (Mabinogi Motiffs)




<rule name="SMASH">





<cmd name="prepare_skill" pet_skill="smash" try_cnt="0" timeout="0"/>

<cmd name="melee_attack" timeout="0"/>



<event name="defence" defence_enable_skill="all"/>


<rule name="I SAID SMASH">





<cmd name="prepare_skill" pet_skill="smash" try_cnt="0" timeout="0"/>

<cmd name="melee_attack" timeout="0"/>



<event name="seek_target"/>


<rule name="JUST KEEP SMASHING">





<cmd name="prepare_skill" pet_skill="smash" try_cnt="0" timeout="0"/>

<cmd name="melee_attack" timeout="0"/>



<event name="now_targeting"/>


<rule name="SMASH MORE!">





<cmd name="prepare_skill" pet_skill="smash" try_cnt="0" timeout="0"/>

<cmd name="melee_attack" timeout="0"/>



<event name="attacked" master_skill="all" down="false"/>