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Veteran Dungeons are more difficult variant dungeons in Uladh. All monsters and bosses that appear are from their original normal mode dungeons but with significantly increased health and power including bosses now showing their health bar. All dungeons are 2 floors and like Boss Trial Dungeons, all 1-8 players will be time recorded on clearing the dungeon.

You may receive one Veteran Pass a real-life day from the Researcher from the daily quest, [Daily] Investigate the Veteran Fomor Dungeon that is only received at cumulative level 5,000, at the Poulnabrone Stone in Dunbarton.

  • All dungeon monsters can have a set health of either 20,000, 30,000, or 50,000.
  • All bosses can have up to 600,000 health, while other monsters in the boss room can have up to 100,000 health.
  • Unless an Unlimited Veteran Pass is used, only one Veteran dungeon may be cleared per real-time day.
  • All players attempting to enter the dungeon must be of cumulative level 5,000 or higher.

About Veteran Passes

  • You can get one free pass per real-time day from the Researcher at Poulnabrone from the [Daily] Investigate the Veteran Fomor Dungeon quest.
  • The Pass you receive each day from him changes accordingly.
  • Your character must have a Cumulative Level 5,000 in order to receive the quest.
  • The Veteran pass you will get rotates in this order:
    • Alby
    • Ciar
    • Rabbie
    • Math
    • Fiodh
    • Barri
    • Coill
    • Rundal
    • Peaca

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