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Poulnabrone Rock, and the two miners working on it.


The fabled remains of an ancient people... Though stories conflict regarding whether those people were the Nemedians or Partholonians.


—Historian Ainsley

My best guess is that this rock is a remnant of the First Battle of Mag Tuireadh - Ah, the battle where Morrighan used a forbidden spell against Fomors, and turned to stone? In the scriptures, the stone is called 'Poulnabrone', but I'm not sure what that means...


—Archaelogist Fannon

Poulnabrone Icon.png The Poulnabrone is a mysterious rock located to the west of Dunbarton. Two miners are working on its excavation.

Dungeon Teleportation

Poulnabrone allows players to teleport to any of the following Dungeon altars:


  • Its appearance coincides with the A New Dawn For Dungeons update, which made significant changes to Dungeons.
  • Poulnabrone, also known as the Poulnabrone dolmen or the Poll na Brón dolmen, is the remains of a real-life passage tomb.
    • Poulnabrone is a combination of the Irish words poll (meaning hole, storage pit, burrow, or other cavities), na (meaning of the), and a form of the word bró (meaning millstone).
      • The word is commonly translated with the word brón (meaning sorrow) instead, perhaps because "Hole of Sorrows" better aligns with the mental image of a tomb than "Hole of the Millstone" (though the name of the dolmen could come from the townland it appears in and not the other way around).