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Wishing Tree Event (2010)

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January 13th, 2010 - January 27th, 2010


Make A Wish Event Sign.png

Hear ye, hear ye, the church of Lymilark has confirmed there's a miracle in Iria! A tree, near the Qilla Base camp, which has recently been seen glowing at night, grants wishes! Visitors who've written their wishes on pieces of paper, then attached them to the branches of the tree, have reported that their wishes have come true! At midnight, they say, the tree undergoes a divine transformation, and the wishes detach themselves and float up into the skies of Rano.

Wishes can be written on any old piece of paper, but there's one kind of paper that holds an intense power that the tree seems to respond to best. They're called Wish Notes, and adventurers have confirmed that they're found in treasure chests all across Rano and Connous. Dedication is rewarded, even by a Wishing Tree. A special item will be granted to anyone who attaches fifty Wish Notes to the tree.

Travel to Iria and check out the Wishing Tree for yourself![1]

Basic Info

Wishing Tree undergoing "sublimation"

At midnight, there is a message: The wishing tree is beginning sublimation and all the wishes are flying away.

Location of Wishing Tree by Qilla Port
  • The wishing tree is just outside Qilla Base Camp, just to the right of the Mana Tunnel.
  • While the tree is undergoing "sublimation", notes cannot be gifted to the tree. Sublimation occurs from 12:00AM to 4:00AM in game time.
  • Gift Wish Notes to either the tree or the board by the tree, to make a wish and add it to the tree.
  • "Lost Wish Notes" are obtained through Iria Exploration. They can stack up to 10, and can be gifted back to the wishing tree for items.
    • Chests which contain a Wish Note will not award Exploration EXP.
  • 50 Wish Notes are needed to receive a reward.
  • The Wish Note can be used to read, but the messages aren't those created by other players.
    • Warning: When read, one Wish Note will be consumed and disappear after being read.
  • The best place to look for Wish Notes are in the Muyu Desert.
  • When gifting to the tree, it will automatically take the required amount of wish notes.
    • You can only exchange your wish note for a prize when you have 50 in your inventory.
    • You cannot gift separately to total up to 50 wish notes.
  • Warning: If you log off before the tree begins sublimation after giving it the notes, you will not get a reward.
  • If you did not complete the ski race quest, clicking on the tree will complete it.


50 Lost Notes: