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Basic Information

Exploration involves using L-rod exploration, land maker or sketch. All three actions are available to all the player races. Iria is the only continent in which these actions can be used. However,

Exploration experience is used to gain levels in exploration and is a separate stat from standard character experience. Exploration experience can be gained by successfully using either of the aforementioned actions or by completing exploration quests. Exploration levels are capped at a maximum of 50 but can be reset to 1 by rebirthing. There is also a total exploration level stat that does not reset when a player rebirths, similar to the total level stat for character level. When exploration is leveled up, there are stat gains similar to a character level up, as well as gaining an ability point (AP). However, an exploration level up will not give points towards any transformation skills.

Successfully using L-rod exploration or sketch at night (8:00 pm - 4:00 am) will receive an extra 20% nighttime exploration experience.

Methods of Gaining Exploration Experience


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