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All-Out War

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  • Info: Defend the castle from enemy attacks.
  • Clear 30 waves of monsters while maintaining morale to move on to the boss.
  • Warship Bombardment will randomly spawn throughout the map.
  • Morale will decrease as the number of live enemies on the field increases.
    • Kill advancing monsters in order to maintain or restore morale.
    • If you venture too closely to the spawn point, you will be warned with the message "Andras: You're too close to the enemy camp. Please, fall back." If you do not quickly move away after this message appears, you will be struck with a fully charged Thunder spell, the message "Allies are agitated by the enemy's firepower" will appear, and morale will suffer greatly.
      • Morale lost this way is not regained by killing monsters on the field, but instead is recovered very slowly with each wave.
  • If morale falls to 0%, the mission will fail.
    • If morale falls to 30% or less, the message "Andras: This isn't going our way... should we retreat?" will appear, and the rate of wave spawns will decrease substantially.
      • If morale fell to 30% or less due to the number of live enemies on the field, raising morale above 30% by killing enemies will restore the wave spawn rate, as indicated by the message "Commander: Faster! Push forward!", followed by "Commander: Damn it! What are you waiting for? Everyone, charge forward!"
      • If morale fell to 30% or less due to being too close to the spawn point for too long, raising morale above 30% will not immediately restore the wave spawn rate.
  • The Shadow Wizards in this mission are capable of casting Thunder and will do so at one charge.
  • After the 30th wave has been spawned, the player(s) will be teleported to behind the enemy spawn point to fight the mission boss.
    • While other monsters are present at the boss area, you only need to kill the Fomor Commander in order to complete the mission.
  • If the morale level is consistently kept greater than 30% for all 30 waves, the time from the start of the mission to the teleporting to the boss will be approximately 5 minutes.

Mission Information

  • Quest Board Location: Taillteann
  • Party Size: 1~4
  • Time Limit: 60 minutes
  • Mission Details: - Enemies are gathering in Abb Neagh. If we lose Abb Neagh, we won't be able to withstand their incoming waves. We must defend it! - Andras


Abb Neagh Castle Map


Monster Spawn Patterns