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Combo Card

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Inventory icon of Combo Card

2 × 2

Provides bonus damage when you perform skills in the order listed on the card. The only way to find out what skills are listed is to open it!


  • Allows users to increase damage from skills by performing them in order.
    • The skills listed as well as damage boosts are random.
      • Thus, some skill cards may have combos that are difficult to perform. Gold Combo Cards usually have a good combo on them.
        • Example: Charge may appear two times in a row. Due to Charge's cool-down time being longer than the time limit to use the next skill, this renders the following skill boosts useless.
    • Skills higher in the chain will receive a larger damage bonus than those lower in the chain.
    • Only skills which do damage will appear in the combo card.
    • Skills must be performed in order.
      • If Fusion Bolt is conducted with a corresponding bolt listed on the Combo Card, it will count towards the combo.
    • There will be a time limit in which the next skill must be performed.
      • Using other skills during the combo does not cancel it.
    • It is possible to have the same skill more than once in a single Combo Card.
  • Combo Cards may contain skills that the player does not have or have access to.
  • Once it is picked up, it will automatically be placed into your card tab (character window's 6th tab).
  • Only one card can be active at a time.
  • Combo Cards will expire 30 days after they have been obtained.
  • Combo Cards will have between 4 and 6 skills to perform in the combo.
  • Players may delete combo cards from their list.
  • Players can also purchase Premium Combo Cards in the item shop for 800NX.
  • All regular combo cards may be extended with a Combo Card Extension Coupon (30 days) for 2,000NX.


Chain Limit 10 seconds: Smash, Windmill, Assault Slash, Charge, Magnum Shot, Support Shot, Gold Strike

Chain Limit 12 seconds: Blaze

Chain Limit 13 seconds: Doppelganger, Crash Shot, Arrow Revolver, Life Drain, Ice Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Shock

Chain Limit 15 seconds: Firebolt, Hailstorm, Water Cannon, Flameburst, Heat Buster, Ice Spear

Chain Limit 20 seconds: Thunder

Chain Limit 45 seconds: Fireball

Methods to Obtain