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Combo Card

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Inventory icon of Combo Card

2 × 2

Provides bonus damage when you perform skills in the order listed on the card. The only way to find out what skills are listed is to open it!


  • Allows users to increase damage from skills by performing them in order.
    • The skills and damage boosts listed on a Combo Card are random.
      • Thus, some skill cards may have combos that are difficult to perform.
        • Example: Charge may appear two times in a row. Due to Charge's cool-down time being longer than the time limit to use the next skill, this renders the following skill boosts useless.
        • Gold Combo Cards have set combos that usually are easier to chain into.
          • The name of the combo appears on the card when it is dropped as a chest reward.
    • Skills higher in the chain will receive a larger damage bonus than those lower in the chain.
    • Only skills which do damage will appear in the combo card.
      • However, damaging skills that primarily support may also appear on Combo Cards (i.e. Sand Burst, Death Mark).
    • Skills must be performed in order.
      • If Fusion Bolt is conducted with a corresponding bolt listed on the Combo Card, it will count towards the combo.
    • There will be a time limit in which the next skill must be performed.
      • Using other skills during the combo does not cancel it.
    • It is possible to have the same skill more than once in a single Combo Card.
  • Regular and Gold Combo Cards will have between 4 and 6 skills to perform in the combo.
  • Combo Cards may contain skills that the player does not have or have access to.

Combo Card Tab

  • Once a Combo Card is obtained, it will automatically be placed into your card tab (the "Combo Card" tab located in the Character Window).
  • All Combo Cards start off in an inactive state and must be activated in the Combo Card Character window tab in order for the bonus to apply.
    • Only one card can be active at a time, and players can deactivate and reactivate non-expired cards at will.
    • If a Combo Card is the active card, it will appear in the preview window by default.
  • Combo Cards will expire 30 days after they have been obtained.
  • Players can have a maximum of 30 Combo Cards on a character.
    • It is possible to delete old Combo Cards from the Combo Card Tab.
    • It is possible to delete multiple Combo Cards at once while the "Multi-Delete" option is selected.
    • It is possible to rearrange the order of Combo Cards while the "Change Order" option is selected.
  • The Combo Card Tab has the option to "Hide Combo Progress UI." Selecting this option will disable popups that show the player which skills they need to perform to progress in their combo.
  • Combo Card expiration timers can be removed with a Permanent Combo Card Coupon. Permanent Combo Cards cannot usually be customized, so the player should exercise caution that they approve of their Combo Card entirely before selecting this option.


Chain Limit 10 seconds: Smash, Windmill, Assault Slash, Charge, Magnum Shot, Support Shot, Gold Strike

Chain Limit 12 seconds: Blaze, Lance Charge

Chain Limit 13 seconds: Doppelganger, Crash Shot, Arrow Revolver, Life Drain, Ice Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Shock

Chain Limit 14 seconds: Charging Strike, Spinning Uppercut, Drop Kick

Chain Limit 15 seconds: Firebolt, Hailstorm, Water Cannon, Flameburst, Heat Buster, Ice Spear, Kunai Storm, Shuriken Charge

Chain Limit 20 seconds: Thunder

Chain Limit 45 seconds: Fireball, Lightning Rod

Combo Card Customization

Advancement Test Hall

  • The Advancement Guide allows you to pay Advancement Badges to assign certain Dan-eligible skills to slots on your Combo Card with a new, random combo value.
    • For more details on Advancement Tests, see here.
  • Golden Combo Cards (obtained from Shadow Missions or Super Gold Combo Card Pack) cannot be customized via this method.
  • When using Advancement Badges to customize Normal and Premium Combo Cards, they tend to roll closer to +15% for steps 4 to 6 and not their respective maximums.
    • Because of this, it is recommended that players modify Combo Cards that already have later combo stages that they find agreeable.
    • A word of caution: using Advancement Badges to modify later slots, especially the sixth slot, may in-effect "kill" the combo card's bonus percentages for the later slots modified.
  • The cost in Advancement Badges increases for higher Combo Card slots, and becomes more expensive if the new skill is already on the Combo Card.
    • The cost for the first Combo Card slot is 3 Advancement Badges, increasing by 2 for each slot up to a total of 13 at the sixth slot.
    • The cost increases by 5 Advancement Badges to put an identical skill on the Combo Card per already existing copies of that skill, up to a total of 25 at five copies.
    • These costs stack, up to a total of 38 Advancement Badges.
  • Note: Despite the fact that Death Mark appears on Combo Cards and is Dan-eligible, it is not eligible for the Advancement Test Hall Combo Card Customization.

Combo Card Slot Change Coupon

Combo Card Crafter

Incomplete Black Combo Card

Combo Card Values Per Slot

Slot Cumulative Max Slot Max
1 0% 0%
2 10% 10%
3 22% 12%
4 37% 15%
5 57% 20%
6 87% 30%

Combo Card Calculator

getSlot2:slot2 slot3Ratio:slot3-slot2 slot4Ratio:slot4-slot3 slot5Ratio:slot5-slot4 slot6Ratio:slot6-slot5

Combo Card Visualizer
Input Combo Values, Auto-Calculates Slot Values
Slot 1 0
Slot 2
name=slot2;default=5;min=0;max=10 formula=getSlot2;/10
Slot 3 name=slot3;default=11;min=0;max=22
Slot 4
name=slot4;default=18;min=0;max=37 formula=slot4Ratio;/15
Slot 5 name=slot5;default=28;min=0;max=57
Slot 6
name=slot6;default=43;min=0;max=87 formula=slot6Ratio;/30

Methods to Obtain