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All Skill Reset Capsule

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Inventory icon of All Skill Reset Capsule

2 × 1
Stack: 1

This capsule allows you to de-rank trained skills to Rank F, retrieving the Ability Points for you to reassign.

General Information

  • This capsule will de-rank all of your normally-rankable skills to rank F immediately upon use.
    • You will lose all training on your current rank when you de-rank your skills. However, you can re-rank the skill without training it until it returns to its original rank.
      • Example: you de-rank your Healing skill from rank 5 to rank F. Any training done on rank 5 will be lost; however, you can re-rank the skill until it returns to rank 5.
    • Master Titles will not be lost; however, they won't be able to be equipped until re-ranked to at least rank 1.
    • Any skills trained to a Dan rank will be treated as any other skill; they will be de-ranked to rank F and are able to advance as high as they were before using the capsule.
      • Note that since the training for those ranks are reset to zero, the Advancement Test for the given skill will be unavailable until 100 skill training experience is regained.
    • You will not have to redo any Grandmastered Talents, however the effects and titles will be inactivated until you advance the related skills back to master.
      • Any Grandmaster Seals you have will not be affected. In order to get more however, you must re-rank skills for that particular talent until you become Master of that talent.
    • The Transformation Diary is not affected, though you will be unable to transform into higher-rank forms unless you rank Transformation Mastery back up to the required rank.
    • Racial Transformation skills and Demigod skills are not affected.
    • Any skills that are rank F at the time of using the capsule will retain all skill training experience.

Methods to Obtain