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Ancient Medal

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Future content.png As of Generation 16, Season 2, the content on this page is no longer a feature of Mabinogi.
This content has been replaced by Generation 2.
This feature may still be used provided one had access to it before it was altered.


Example of an ancient medal from the Rano region.

Ancient Medals are quest items for obtaining the Elf's Falcon skill and the Giant's Beast skill. Giants need to obtain the ancient medals found in Physis and Elves need to obtain those found in Connous, however, both races must also obtain all nine Rano Medals to complete their respective quests. Ancient Medals are found on or around landmarks in Iria, via L-Rod Exploration. They are not able to be stored in pets, nor traded between players. They ARE allowed to be stored in the bank, but not able to be traded between characters in the same account through the bank. Note that all medals are also able to be stored in the Special Tab Inventory, thus saving room if you were to pre-collect the medals.

Specific landmarks do not only yield their corresponding ancient medal but instead yield a random assortment and only from their specific region. The regions with their own specific set of ancient medals are Rano, Connous and Physis. Some landmarks are believed to be a better source of certain ancient medals than others.

Via L-Rod Exploration, each landmark will yield a few chests containing ancient medals and then will not yield any for a while. If a player has found all the chests at a landmark then no player will find any until they regenerate. Staying on a single landmark and swapping channels, after running out of chests on one channel, will probably yield a significant number of the different ancient medals specific to that region (as long as other players have not recently uncovered any of the chests at that landmark, on a channel being searched). It may be a good idea to search for ancient medals at a time when fewer players are on a server.

List of Medals

  • The names below describe pictures that are portrayed on the medals, the item name will still say Ancient Medal in-game.


The Monkey Mark in the Nubes Mountains and the Star Mark in Solea are considered part of Rano and will only yield ancient medals from Rano.

  • Human Medal (Commonly found at Tree mark)
  • Flower Medal (Commonly found at the Tree Mark and Solea's Star Mark)
  • Sun Medal (Commonly found at the Bird Mark,Snake Mark and Flower Mark)
  • Sheep Medal (Commonly found at the Nubes Mountains' Monkey Mark)
  • Tree Medal (Commonly found at the Bird Mark)
  • Snake Medal(Commonly found at Sun Mark Nubes Mountains Monkey Mark)
  • Bird Medal (Commonly found at Sun Mark)
  • Monkey Medal (Commonly found at the Flower Mark and at the Nubes Mountains' Monkey Mark also Commonly found at Tree Mark)
  • Star Medal (Commonly found at Solea's Star Mark also Commonly found at tree mark)


  • Spider Medal(Commonly found at Fish mark)
  • Lizard Medal
  • Scorpion Medal(Obtained at Ancient Medal quest)
  • Sand Worm Medal
  • Fish Medal
  • Rhinoceros Medal(Very Commonly found at Spider mark and Sand Worm mark)


  • Whirlpool Medal (Very Commonly found at Reindeer mark)
  • Unflyable Bird Medal
  • Winged Horse Medal (Very Commonly found at Reindeer mark)
  • Reindeer Medal
  • Fruited Tree Medal (Commonly found at Reindeer mark)


  • If all the medals from the Rano region are being collected, then it may be a good idea to stand in the middle of the Sun Mark and switch channels constantly, waiting for the L-Rod to beep.