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Entrance to Solea.

Solea is merely a stopping point on the pathway between Physis and Rano. It is the home of the Star Mark, and one may find the ocean view from its cliff rather refreshing after having traversed the maze-like caves known as the Iria Tunnels to get to it. Within the caves, there are secret doors and walls.

Solea is unique in that it has no Mana Tunnel, not even a collapsed one.

For simply passing through the caves, the easiest and fastest path through both cave networks is to stay as far southwest as possible.

Cave Info


Collectibles Uncovered by L-Rod

Ore and Herb patches may be found by L-Rods. It is recommended not to kill off the few initial monsters since this will cause even more monsters to spawn.

Treasure Chest

All monsters in Solea have a very low chance (about .1%) to drop a treasure chest key. This key can open up one chest in Solea. These rooms are also good places to find Wings of the Goddess.


A door with glowing blue runes in Solea Cave.
  • The Goblin Keepers and Saturos are found in the caves beyond the doors.
  • Has glowing runes of either blue or white; does not open automatically.
  • Doors usually have a requirement.
    • Please note that response doors will require you to come close to the door.
    • Some doors require that you have certain titles or a Spirit Weapon.
    • By changing channels, it is possible to get a different requirement for a door.
  • This article still needs more data on how how to open the white doors.
  • An open door will close after a minute or two. The reclosed door will remain the same color but have a different requirement.
  • Doors do cut you off from a certain area in the caves. However, they all surround the same area, so as long as you can fulfill one requirement, you can get in.

Door Requirements

Requirements in italics may be invalid and need testing.

Map from Physis to Solea

Physis to Solea.jpg

Map of Solea Beach


Map of Solea Cave Entrance

Solea cave entrance.png

Map from Rano to Solea

Rano to Solea.jpg