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Appraised Crystal Orb

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Inventory icon of Orb Unrestored

2 × 2

This piece of an artifact has been appraised, but its true identity is not yet clearly revealed. You should ask Voight for its restoration.

Resell Value is 0g. An NPC will offer 0g but attempting to complete the sale results in the following message "This item cannot be sold at the shop." and the sale cannot be completed.

Methods to Obtain

Courcle Artifact Appraisal

  • Take a large excavated artifact (uses a 2x2 area in a player's inventory) to Voight and have it appraised by him, for a 100g fee. The Appraised Crystal Orb may be randomly produced from a selection of possible appraised artifacts.
    • Note: Only large excavated artifacts found in the surrounding area just outside of Cor, in Courcle, will give an Appraised Crystal Orb.
    • To obtain excavated artifacts, use one of the exploration tools to find treasure chests outside of Cor and obtain them as rewards from the chests. As the Land Maker action is not required to uncover the treasure chests, then the ordinary L-Rod is probably the best choice.
    • Voight does not fail at appraising excavated artifacts.

Used In

Coucle Artifact Restoration


  • The Appraised Crystal Orb can be exchanged for exploration experience and gold by Voight, instead of having him restore it.
    • The amount of exploration experience and gold is less than that obtained for a restored artifact but Voight may fail to restore an appraised artifact and does not refund the 150g restoration fee when he fails.