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Pantay Swamp

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Marshes of Pantay

The Marshes of Pantay is a swampy area to the south west of Cor on the other side of the River.

The area can be accessed by first crossing the river on a hippo and then heading south-west, or by using a flying mount. Rafting also is a viable transport to this area.

Labeled as "Marshes of Pantay" on the in-game map.

Very good for artifact searching via L-rod exploration.

G7 Storyline

A map of the treasure chest locations in Pantay Swamp.

The three Ancient Fragments needed for the Generation 7 storyline (Ancient Secrets of Irinid), as well as other Courcle Artifacts, can be found in this area through Exploration.

Exploring here may also yield other surprises, such as spawning Hobgoblins.



  • Restored Boxed Artifact (2x1)
    • Maned Aardvark Statue
    • Pantay Intaglio Pot
  • Restored Boxed Artifact (2x2)
    • Courcle Terra Cotta Doll
    • Kiwi Pot
    • Courcle Zebra
  • Ancient Calendar Piece
  • Irinid's Crystal Orb Piece
  • Pantay Stone Hammer
  • Ancient Lightning Fragment
  • Ancient Snow Fragment
  • Ancient Sun Fragment
  • Courcle Terra Cotta Slab Piece
  • Basin Clam Shell