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Courcle is the region of Iria north of Rano. Courcle features rocky mountainous terrain in the west, a central jungle, a swamp in the south, and a vast savanna to the east and southeast. To cross the eastern river onto the plains, you may ride friendly hippos. Flying pets may also be used.

The Mana Tunnels with "Blasted" beside their name will not be able to be warped back to, they are one way only. These 2 include the Collapsed Irai (Erkey) Falls Mana Tunnel, marked south of the Dragon Crest Mark on the map above, and the Blasted Lappa Mana Tunnel, marked Northwest of the Dragon Crest Mark on the map above.

Courcle is the area in which the G7 storyline takes place.


Courcle Map.jpg


The area has a diverse ecology in which numerous species has taken its own place in the natural order. The common animals found are:


Many landmarks can be found in this area. When one has visited all landmarks, they gain the "Courcle Explorer" title.


Courcle lacks any dungeons.

Traveling to Courcle

  • The northern region of Courcle's La Terra Highlands is accessed by crossing the river south of Physis's Lunae Valley; however it must be frozen by use of an Ice Crystal item gathered from rocks near the river.
    • To gather an Ice Crystal, use your Bare Hands to gather one Ice Crystal from the Ice Crystal Piles located near the river. Once collected, stand near the river and right-click the crystal and choose Use.
    • A bridge will be built if you are standing at an area where one can be created. Sometimes there will be a message saying whether or not you can build a bridge in that spot.
  • The southern region of Courcle's Marshes of Pantay may be accessed through a bridge found through Exploration located to the northeast of Rano's Maiz Prairie.
  • The eastern region of Courcle's Cenae Meadows may be accessed through a similar bridge, also found through Exploration located to the north of Errans Canyon in the northern region of Connous.
  • Mana Tunnels also allow access to the region to those who have been to Courcle previously.


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