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Category:Exploration Tools

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Basic Information

  • Exploration Tools, or L-Rods, are tools used to find hidden artifacts in Iria. They are required to use the L-Rod Exploration and Land Maker actions.
    • Normal L-Rods are only capable of using L-Rod Exploration. Cold/Warm Wind and Snowfield L-Rods can use both L-Rod Exploration and Land Maker.
  • While equipped, when a player nears a hidden artifact, the L-Rod emits one to four beeping sounds as well as white flashes.
    • Beeping number and sound and L-Rod flashes intensifies as the player nears the object.
    • Enabling Mini Effects disables the L-Rod flashes.
      • Having this enabled as well as sounds disabled may make discovery more difficult.
  • Samhain (Saturday) increases the L-Rod's detection range.
    • This may make it harder for players who are used to the normal shorter range, as it more possible for multiple targets to overlap.
    • It states that "The accuracy increases over time." However that is a typo; it means that Samhain increases the detection range of the L-Rods for the day, not over time.
    • The standard range of the L-Rod is equivalent to the covered area that you walked on the map.
  • All L-Rods can only be equipped on the right hand.
  • Any left hand items cannot be equipped in conjunction with an L-Rod.
  • All L-Rods are classified as ineffective weapons.

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