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Soul Stream

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For the Shadow Mission, see Soul Stream (Shadow Mission).
An overview of the Soul Stream.


Map of the Soul Stream.

The Soul Stream is the first place Milletians reach before entering Erinn. It is a floating space between dimensions that cannot be easily accessed by Erinn's inhabitants.[1]

Nao is the sole resident of the area, and guides Milletians through the Soulstream. Numerous owls fly in the area, the messenger owls being Nao's point of contact with Erinn.

Game Mechanics

Players go through the Soul Stream for various game mechanics, namely Rebirth and during their birthday. (the character's original creation day - not necessarily Saturday, the age-up day)


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Mainstream Story

Local NPCs

NPC Occupation Location
Soul Stream Guide Soul Stream


  • Nao will always face the player.
  • The soulstream seems to have multiple levels, with the area where Nao stands being the highest one.
  • When rebirthing as a Pet, Tin will appear in Nao's place and follow the same procedures as if rebirthing through a humanoid character.
    • Tin is otherwise never seen at the Soulstream.
  • During the April Fool's Event, when the player logs in, Ferghus will appear in Nao's place, giving them a Ferghus's Free Repair Coupon.