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Portrait of Arranz
Race Human
Gender Female
Age 60+


Arranz is Ascon's sister and Alasdair's and Gwenllian's daughter.

Fifty years ago, two pirates targeted her and her brother, however Ascon told his sister to run to get help. Unfortunately, Ascon failed to fend off the pirates and was taken to Belvast Island to become a slave.
Later, a con artist by the name of Videk ripped off Arranz's family by claiming to "help" Ascon while he was imprisoned. He also influenced the marriage of Arranz and Vigorin, a rich man and possibly his business partner. After Arranz's parents were driven into poverty and later passed away, Videk's treachery was soon discovered by her, though how she found out was not revealed.

Tragically, just like her parents before her, Arranz dies before she meets Ascon again. Her grave marker rests on Belvast Island, which was likely the place she had fled to, possibly in a bid to try to find her brother again. Ironically, the Rich Man claims Videk had moved there as well. It is unknown if they had any contact on that island before her death.

According to Shylock, his daughter, Jessica, found a necklace that belonged to Arranz. Vigorin claimed the necklace belonged to Arranz and accused Jessica of theft as well as murdering his wife, although Shylock remarks that there is a rumor in which Arranz married another person and fled to Belvast Island.