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Race Human
Gender Male
Age 60+
Occupation Con Artist
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Videk is a con artist who was a "family friend" of Gwenllian and Alasdair. How he met them is unknown, though it is implied it was because he heard of Ascon's kidnapping, and exploited this opportunity.

Videk spent many years swindling various items and, on a much larger scale, gold from Ascon's parents, claiming to be able to pass them to him. To validate his claims, he occasionally bought and "donated" items to Ascon for his family, and also forged letters from Ascon, requesting larger and larger amounts of items and gold. As well, he hid the letters Gwenllian and Alasdair had written in response. He influenced the marriage of Ascon's sister, Arranz, to Vigorin, a rich man, and according to Shylock, his business partner. In the end, it is not until Ascon's parents had been driven into poverty and passed away that his treachery was discovered by Arranz, though how she found out was not revealed.

Videk used to live in Emain Macha, where he befriended the Rich person, though in this context it is more likely they were partners in crime for various forms of fraud. He was also a regular at the Loch Lios, knowing Gordon.

Videk's current whereabouts are unknown. Ascon presumes that he is stationed on Belvast Island, Shylock states that Videk is deceased, and Jenny claims Videk simply left the island for a while.


There are some contrasting reports of Videk's character.

During Generation 14: Romeo and Juliet's Season Four storyline with Ascon, the clues the player follows for Ascon indicate that Videk utterly conned Ascon's family even as they were driven into poverty, indicating he is a very greedy, selfish, and heartless man. Shylock lumps Videk in with his discrimination of nobles, holding Videk as the standard of how nobles act, again showing Videk in a derogatory spotlight.

On the other hand, some local residents of Belvast Island, such as Jenny and Hicca's Mom, claim him to be a nice person and hold him in a higher regard than Ascon and Shylock. Hicca's Mom goes as far as to put Shylock and Videk in the same sentence in listing good people with tragic lives.

Mont's statements support either theory; though he begins with how Videk is a good person who loves money similar to how Mont himself does, he also tells the player that Videk had a wife, and when she died, he buried her on the island.