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Astrologer's Letter Event (2009)

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January 6th - January 21st, 2009
How to Get Quest

Receive quest from owl during event period.

Briefing You can find the Astrologer in the library at Dunbarton.

Talk to the Astrologer in Dunbarton's Library and receive the event book.
Collect all 7 pages and put them in the book. (In any order.)
Give reward from book to Astrologer in Dunbarton's Library.

  • 1000 Experience Points
  • Astrologer's Note
  • Event Item (See info section)

Additional Information

Note: Entering the library between 00:00-01:00 with the Scary Library Pass in your inventory will take you to the Scary Library Dungeon. If this happens, you cannot talk to the Astrologer since she won't be in this dungeon.

Remember, pages can be acquired in any order!

Page locations:

  • First page: Mine the ore pile outside of Barri for the piece. (In Bangor, right of Barri entrance.)
  • Second page: Fish anywhere in Erinn.
  • Third page: Use an empty bottle to gather page from the well to the east of Dunbarton. (Almost due east from the south eastern exit of Dunbarton). The well is not inside the city walls.
  • Fourth page: Search the literature bookshelf in Dunbarton library.
  • Fifth page: Hit the wooden man next to the seal stone in Ulaid Forest.
The forest is west of the lumber camp in Dugald Aisle
  • Sixth Page: Hit the tree behind Ferghus's shop. (The smaller one.)
  • Seventh Page: Ciar Normal reward chest. (Each end chest will reward a page if done in a party. You will not receive the seventh page from any other dungeon.)

Note: After completing the book, open up the book and click "receive reward" before talking to the Astrologer. The letter takes up a 2x2 space, however you can complete the quest even if the letter is in your temporary inventory. (Temporary inventory will last for 5 minutes after getting the item.)

Astrologer's letter random rewards

You can get one the following rewards as a random reward