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Scary Library

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An overview of the Scary Library.
A strange force can be felt around here.


—Entering the library after 6:30 PM while possessing a Scary Library Pass


  • The Scary Library, also known as the Library of Fear, is a special version of Dunbarton's Library that may be accessed at midnight.
  • To enter, head into the library between 12:00 AM and 1:00 AM In-Game Time with a Scary Library Pass.png Scary Library Pass in your inventory.
    • To obtain the Scary Library Pass, purchase it from Stewart's Secret Shop for 4,444 Gold.
      • Note that he only sells 10 passes per in-game day.
  • You cannot enter the scary library by waiting inside the normal library with the pass in your inventory; you must leave and re-enter.
  • You will not be kicked out of the library during the day.
  • If multiple Scary Library passes are held, only one will be used when entering the library at the right time.
    • If you log out, change channels, or move to housing and back, you will be moved back at the entrance.
  • Upon entering the library for the first time, you will receive the 'who saw the Library Ghost' title.
  • You may bring multiple people and/or a party by having them mount Pets that can be ridden.
    • Anyone who enters with you will also receive the title.
  • You may use a Warp Imp's Save Location to record the Scary Library as a teleport location.
  • You may use a Placard to create a Return Coupon back to the Scary library.

Areas of Interest

  • Unlike the regular library, there are no Crystal Balls and the bookshelves cannot be interacted with.
  • The Scary library is neither a dungeon or a mission, and has none of the usual mechanics tied to either of those.
  • There are no chest rewards or anything similar that may be gained from accessing this area.
    • Only the items naturally dropped from the monsters that appear in the area may be obtained.
    • This includes the C and B-ranked Fynni Gems that may be obtained from these monsters.


Warning: This area counts as an Outdoor Field Area, so the infinite waves of Monsters are subject to the Camping Penalty.

Areas Connected


  • Fighting in here is similar to fighting in Peaca. It is advised that you fight the monsters one at a time on the sides of the Library rather than fighting the horde head-on if you are alone.
  • Due to the monsters's passive defenses, magic is to be avoided, with the exception of Meteor Strike.
  • The library is counted as a field area. As a result, Camping Penalty applies. Monsters here can also acquire 'the Ancient' title.


  • The 4,444 Gold price of the Scary library pass is likely due to the fact that the number four is considered unlucky in Asian cultures (due to it sounding like the word for death).
  • There is no background music in the Scary Library.