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Scary Library

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A screenshot of the Scary Library.
Scary Library2.png


  • The Scary Library, also known as the Library of Fear, is a special version of Dunbarton's Library that appears at midnight.
  • To enter, head into the library between 12:00 AM and 1:00 AM In-Game Time with a Scary Library Pass in your inventory.
    • To obtain the Scary Library Pass, purchase it from Stewart's Secret Shop for 4,444 Gold. Note that he only sells 10 passes per in-game day.
    • Alternatively, use a Warp Imp's Save Location to record the Scary Library as a teleport location.
    • You cannot enter the scary library by waiting inside the normal library with the pass in your inventory; you must leave and re-enter.
    • One may use a House Flier to make a Return Coupon back.
    • You may bring multiple people through the use of Pets that can be mounted.
  • You will not be kicked out during the day.
    • However, if you logout, change channels, or move to housing and back, you will end up by the entrance.
  • Upon entering the library for the first time, you will receive the 'the Studiously Spooked' title.
    • Anyone who enters with you may also receive the title.


Battle Method

  • Fighting in here is almost similar to fighting in Peaca, as such it is advised that you fight the monsters one at a time on the sides of the Library rather than fighting the horde head on if you are alone.
  • You are able to bring in a party, however, party members must be mounted on pets to enter with you.
  • The library is counted as a field area. As a result, Camping Penalty applies. Monsters here can also acquire 'the Ancient' title.