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Attack Speed

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Attack Speed, sometimes referred to as ATK Speed, is the speed at which a player attacks. This speed is mainly dependent on the weapons equipped.

Basic Information

Most offensive equipment, mainly Weapons, have a preset speed rating. These weapons speeds are:

  • Very Slow
  • Slow
  • Normal
  • Fast
  • Very Fast

In the case of Melee Weapons and Dual Guns, Attack Speed affects the speed of Normal Attacks. However, contrary to popular belief, it does not speed up or slow down a skill's animation.
It also affects the enemy's stun time. The faster the weapon, the shorter the enemy will be stunned, and the slower the weapon, the longer the enemy will be stunned.

For Bows, Crossbows, and Atlatls it modifies the speed of reloading an arrow after a shot.

Altering Attack Speed

The most common and efficient way to alter attack speed is through using the Music Skill, Vivace. Vivace can easily change a player's attack speed by a certain percentage. However, depending on the rank of Vivace, and the performance result, it may be difficult to tell how much was changed.

A more permanent solution is obtaining any Enchant(s) or equipment that gives the Attack Speed Bonus and/or obtaining equipment that gives Attack Speed, or Fast Attack, Bonus. This will increase a player's attack speed by a large margin. It takes 10 point of Attack Speed Increase (listed as Fast Attack on enchants) for the bonus to take into effect. For a list of Enchants that give Fast Attack Bonuses, see here.

Dual Wielding will average out the attack speed of the two equipped weapons. For example, a Fast Weapon and a Slow Weapon will result in Normal Weapon Attack Speeds.

The Dual Gun Skill, Way of the Gun, also alters attack speed when using Dual Guns. This bonus is rather small at first, but it marginally increases at later ranks. At Rank 1 of Way of the Gun, it effectively doubles the user's attack speed.