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Combat System

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For kinds of hits that cause Stun, see Types of Hits#Stun.
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In addition to HP, Stamina and Manna, almost all monsters, NPCs, players, and pets have a knockdown timer and a stun timer.

For most forms of combat, careful manipulation of both the knockdown timer and the stun timer is essential when the opponent cannot be defeated in one attack.

Stun, sometimes referred to as Hit Stun, occurs when an enemy is hit by an attack which does not knock them down. Different hits have different stun times. An enemy who is stunned can take no action other than loading skills.

The Knockdown Timer is the game mechanic that determines how close an enemy is to being knocked back. The Knockdown Gauge is a graphic added in Chapter 4 that displays the state of the timer.

When the knockdown timer reaches 100% the enemy will be knocked back by the attack. When the enemy is knocked back, the distance and duration of is determined not by the knockback timer/rate, but by the stun time of the hit that caused the knockback.

Details of the Stun Timer

  • Charge, Lance Charge, and all Fighter Skills do not cause normal stun, and instead incapacitate the target for a set amount of time.
  • Stun from one attack overlaps with stun from others. (I.e. if an enemy would be stunned for 2 seconds and is immediately hit by an attack that stuns for 1 second, they would still be stunned for 2 seconds from the first hit.)
    • Stun times will not add together to produce large amounts of stun.
    • If an enemy is pushed back, the distance and duration are determined solely by the hit that caused them to be pushed back.
  • In general the slower the weapon speed and the less hits an enemy can take before being knocked back, the higher the stun will be per hit.
  • Higher stun time will increase the distance an enemy is pushed back, while higher hit-count will decrease the distance.
    • Enemies are always pushed back at a set speed. Increasing the pushback distance increases the pushback time as well.
  • When Dual Wielding, the stun time is cut in half due to receiving 2 hits.
    • This causes enemies to be pushed back for a lower amount of time.
  • When Heavy Stander activates, 100% of the stun will be removed.
    • For transformed players, stun from a previously received hit may still apply.
  • Natural Shield and Mana Deflector block 100% of an attack's stun at level 2 or higher.
    • This does not apply for Flame Burst, Shadow Spirit, Shock, or Wings of Rage.
    • This applies to Passive Defense on a player's equipment.
    • Players who are transformed with passive defense will instead have the stun time reduced by the percent determined by the rank of their passive defense.
    • Passive Defense will greatly reduce pushback and knockdown time of all skill except Smash.
  • Enemies who exhibit Advanced Heavy Stander, with the exception of Ifrit, Emerald Golem, Poisoned Sasquatch, and Carnivorous Plants, cannot be stunned.
    • Shock and Shadow Spirit can stun specific enemies with this characteristic.
  • Fighter Skills have a fixed stun time based on the skill used.
  • As of the Generation 16, Season 2 Update, players, role-playing characters, and Marionettes receive greatly reduced stun compared to monsters.

Details of the Knockdown Timer

Knockdown Gauge at 100%
  • If an attack puts the Knockdown Timer at or over 100%, the enemy will be knocked down.
    • Knock down distance and stun are related to the weapon used, not to the knockdown timer itself.
    • Dual Wielding is designed so that when the second hit is registered the total amount added to the knockdown timer is the same as Single Wielding the equivalent weapon.
      • The Knockdown Timer will still increase with each hit.
      • Due to the Knockdown Timer decreasing over time, Dual Wield hits add slightly more than half of their single wield counterparts.
    • Elf Ranged Attack adds to the knockdown timer only with the second arrow. As a result the first arrow resets a target who has been knocked down to stun similar to Support Shot.
    • Magic and Alchemy-type attacks, which include Bolt Magic and Water Cannon, add the same amount to the knockdown timer.
    • The maximum value for the Knockdown Timer appears to be 120%, however the visible gauge only shows up to 100%.
  • The amount an attack adds to the Knockdown Timer is dependent on the hit number (melee weapons only) and speed of the weapon.
  • Skills that force the target down, such as Smash and Magnum Shot, add a fixed value to the Knockdown Timer and completely ignore reduction based on Passive Defense.
  • The Knockdown Timer decreases over time at a set rate.
  • Instinctive Reaction uses the Knockdown Timer to determine the chances of auto-retaliation.

Effects of Knockdown

  • Targets that are pushed back may use Potions and change weapons and gear, but may not use or load certain skills.
    • Certain skills may be canceled when the user is pushed back.
    • If the target is close to being pushed back, landing a Critical Hit will cause it to be knocked down instead.
  • Targets that are knocked down have the same restrictions as being pushed back, however they may not use potions.
    • Targets that are knocked down may be targeted by Assault Slash.
      • Blazed targets cannot be targeted by Assault Slash.
  • If a target is struck while in the process of being knocked down or pushed back, it will not be pushed back further.
    • The target will bounce to the place the original attack would have sent it and exhibit the restrictions of knockdown.
  • Most Melee and Puppetry Skills causes a knocked down target to gain temporary invincibility and cannot be attacked until they begin to get back up.

Knockdown Timer Rates

  • The knockdown timer decreases at a rate of ?% per second.
  • Please remember that knockdown timer level is not the same as stun (that is calculated separately depending on passive defense, weapon attack speed, and skill used).


Speed Very Slow Slow Normal Fast Very Fast
1 Hit 100% N/A N/A N/A N/A
2 Hit 70% 68% ? ? N/A
3 Hit 60% ? 53% 50% N/A
5 Hit N/A N/A N/A ? ?


Speed Very Slow Slow Normal Fast
Standard N/A 52% 52% 52%
2 Hit N/A ? ? ?
Atlatl ? N/A ? N/A


Type Magic Type Attacks Stomp Knockdown Attacks
Timer Increase 52% ? 120%(?)

Stun Times

Below is the list of stun times for all hits and weapons in seconds.

  • Stun begins on the first frame of an attack's animation, not when the hit is shown.


Speed Very Slow Slow Normal Fast Very Fast
2 Hit 2.7 2.3 ? ? N/A
3 Hit 1.65 1.6 1.6 1.4 ?
4 Hit N/A ? N/A N/A N/A
5 Hit N/A N/A N/A ? ?


Spell Lightning Bolt Icebolt Thunder Hail Storm
Stun 1.73 1.65 2~6
Rank Dependent


  • Stun time for Flame Burst applies only to the initial hits.
  • Stun time for Wind Blast applies only when using an opposing cylinder.
  • Stun time for Rain Casting applies only to the Lightning Strikes at Rank 1.
  • Shock's stun is increased to 1.5 seconds at Rank 1.
Skill Flame Burst Water Cannon Sand Burst Shock Wind Blast Rain Casting Cylinder Punch
Stun ? 1.55 ? 1~1.5 (Rank Dependent) ? ? 2.09


Skill Charging Strike Focused Fist Somersault Kick Spinning Uppercut
Stun ? ? ? ?


Skill Fury of Light Shadow Spirit Wings of Rage
Stun ? ? ?