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  • Equipment can be made stronger through upgrades.
  • Most upgrades require proficiency earned on the item to be upgraded.
  • Equipment cannot be upgraded if the character cannot equip the item. (ex: an elf cannot upgrade a Two-Handed Sword)
  • Not all equipment has all upgrades available. For example, hats, gloves, shoes, robes, and Magical Clothes do not have proficiency-related upgrades.
    • In addition, having upgrade slots does not necessarily mean there are upgrades that can be performed.

Explanation of Sequence

  • Upgrade Name: The name of the upgrade as seen on the NPC list
  • Proficiency: The amount of Proficiency needed to use the upgrade
  • Upgrade Details: The effects of the modification
  • UG #: The order the upgrade can be done. The numbering system goes from 0~4. If it shows 0~1, it is only able to be used for the first two upgrades; if it shows 0~4 then it is able to be used for all 5 upgrades.
  • Cost: The amount of gold needed to have the upgrade put on the item. (Note: There is no decrease in price on Alban Heruin/Wednesdays)
  • NPC: The NPC that offers the upgrade. There is no difference between the NPC's in price or proficiency.