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For Human growth charts, see Character#Human.
For the Bandit variant, see Bandit#Human.
Human can also refer to all of the playable races.
Male Human
Female Human

Basic Information

Humans are the most common race in all of Erinn, originally the only race available when the game first started until the introduction of Elf and Giant races. They are native to Uladh, but eventually discovered Iria and Belvast Island and some adventured there. Humans are defined by their versatility, as they are not limited to any skill and have balanced stats compared to the other races, but in turn they do not excel as much in anything.

Players starting as a human can choose to start in either Tir Chonaill on the Uladh continent, or in Qilla Base Camp on the Iria continent. There is no advantage/disadvantage of choosing one over the other, although the set of beginner quests varies greatly.

"Human" is also a general term for all the player races in the Mainstream Quests.

General Information

  • Humans are the slowest race, running at base speed, whereas other races run at a multiplier of a human's speed. Many monsters can also outrun a human.
  • Humans have a wide variety of body features to choose from, whereas other races are limited to a select few.
  • Can transform into Paladin, which is obtained after completing Generation 2.
    • Can also have the option to change their transformation into Dark Knight, which is obtained after completing the Dark Knight Quest after completing Generation 3. However, the transformation change is irreversible.
  • Humans can also support other races by speaking to Castanea for Elves and Krug for Giants using the Elf and Giant Keyword.
    • Upon supporting Elves:
    • Upon supporting Giants:
      • All Giant NPCs in Vales offer discounted prices of 8% to 12% depending on the NPC, rounded down, and applied consecutively with Alban Heruin (Wednesday)'s 5% discount.
      • "a Friend of Giants" title will be given.
      • The Hurray for King Krug! Journal Achievement will be given.
      • When spoken to, Krug will bless the player with 10 Strength and Will, and the blessing will remain as long as the player does not leave Vales, log out, or get Knocked Unconscious.
      • An Giant Assistant Character Card will be given.
      • The human player gains the ability to mount a Giant player's shoulder if they are in the same party.
    • The player can stop supporting by speaking to the race leaders with the same keyword.
      • Upon withdrawing support, discounts are no longer given, the given title cannot be worn, and the race leader will no longer bless the player.
      • Players can re-support a race as many times as they want once per real-life day.
        • A second assistant character card will not be given if the player re-supports a race.
      • Players can only give support once per real-life day.
    • While supporting a race, if the human player enables PVP Permission between the Elf and the Giant, any opposing race player who also has that option enabled will become a PVP target.
    • Race support is account-wide. This means that all human characters on an account will support a race if one of them does so, and vise versa when withdrawing support.
    • Race support provides no penalty when the player encounters the opposing race.
      • Originally, when a supporting human entered the opposing race's town, the Elf Guards and Giant Guards would be hostile to them. The opposing NPCs other than Atrata and Taunes would also refuse to talk to the human player and cause the Guards to aggro them.

Combat Information

Combat Advantages

  • Humans are capable of learning all skills other than Elf- and Giant- only ones.
  • Humans are not restricted from any Talent.
  • Humans are capable of Dual Wielding most One-Handed Swords.
  • Humans can learn Final Hit, a melee skill that allows consecutive attacks while dual wielding.
  • Humans can learn Arrow Revolver, an archery skill that allows them to load five arrows simultaneously.
  • Most human skills and their AP costs are balanced, usually having nearly equal power and/or less AP costs than other races.
  • Humans can wear most equipments outside of Elf- and Giant- only ones.
  • Only Humans can maintain their Resting skill at Novice rank (Elves and Giants must level Resting in their respective beginner quests), taking full advantage of the Dire Wolf enchant.

Combat Disadvantages

  • Many human skills are exceeded by those from other races.
  • Human stat growth is equally balanced, whereas other races gain more stats in certain areas.
  • Due to their slow speed, humans have difficulty outrunning enemies without a mount.