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Portrait of BarryFile:Barry.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Bartender
Location Commonwealth of Belvast
Part-Time Job Pub
10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Report From: 2:00 pm
Track A Foolish Tragedy
Welcome to my pub, the finest establishment on Belvast Island. Sit down, relax, unwind from your voyage. If you're hungry, try my daughter's Seafood Dish.


—Barry, Private Story keyword


Despite his winning smile, there is something ominous about this man. He looks perfectly harmless, and greets you warmly, but you cannot shake the feelings that something is amiss...

Barry is the owner of the Commonwealth of Belvast's Pub. He is also the father of the General Store shopkeeper, Vanalen, and loves to talk about how she is very cute.

Although his Pub is rather well known, Admiral Owen and Lucas have criticized Barry's work for overdosing his liquor with water.


Mainstream Story


Part-Time Jobs

  • In order to complete Barry's part-time job, the player must use Playing Instrument and obtain great successes.
    • Song does not work as a substitute, however.
  • The player will be provided a Score Scroll with 35 uses that has a song already composed on it.
    • The player is not required to use this scroll to complete the job; any great success will count. However, the scroll will be unusable once the part-time job's requirements are completed.
    • Any quest that also requires great success, such as Laighlinne's daily quest, [Partner] Play music, will count towards the scroll's availability for playing. This causes the part-time scroll to "lose magic" prematurely before the quest is fully complete.
    • Due to the lack of a song line, the Song skill will not work with this scroll.
    • Since the score scroll is "Master" rank, it will provide a higher chance of obtaining great successes regardless of the player's Playing Instrument rank.
  • Only one person may play music for Barry at a time.
  • You may only play in the Pub.


Track Title
A Foolish Tragedy
Speaking to Barry



  • The score used for his part-time job is his own theme.