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Basics of Lightning Magic: the Lightning Bolt

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Basics of Lightning Magic: the Lightning Bolt[1]
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A book that deals with the casting method of Lightning Bolt, the effects and the characteristics of lightning magic, and some cautionary notes during casting.

Obtain From Stewart, Berched, Heulfryn, Hagel, Kirine
Price 7980
Tradability Untradable
Effects learn Lightning Bolt
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- Lightning Bolt : The Basic of Electric Energy -

Written by Laurys


There is an old saying that humans fear most other humans. I believe, however, that those who say that have never looked outside the confines of the human world. If anyone has come face to face with the power of nature, they will consider the previous proverb a joke. If this sounds like nothing more than nonsense coming from an old fool, then answer this next question.

If you can possess any form of power, what would you choose? Would you choose the power of mankind, or that of a wild beast? Would it be the roars of powerful men, or the sound of thunder that shakes the heavens? Is it the limited life of men, or nature's continuous cycle of life? Whichever way you look at it, the power of man is feeble compared to the grandeur of nature. Throughout history, all of mankind has admired nature's power and though they had feared it, they tried to deny that. This is one of man's many follies. They neglect nature's power, which does not discriminate, solely because they are a part of nature.

In particular, as humans learned of Mana and started seeing a glimpse of nature's other realm, they began neglecting nature's power even more. They didn't realize that their "magic" was actually an imitation of nature's power. This is what worries me. There are many students who are Wizards and Druids in training who do not understand that every magic's starting point is a natural phenomenon. I, who also boasted in my Electric magic skills, did not learn this until I saw a lightning strike down at the Taillteann Plateau.

In hopes that those who come after me will not make the same mistake, I decided to write this book. In other words, I hope that beginner wizards will learn the laws of nature and have a healthy fear of it as well.

Although this book only deals with lightning power, which is only one of nature's awesome power, if you are wise, you will take the moral of the story to heart and apply it when training other magic as well.

The Principle of Electricity series Magic Skill

Book lightningbolt 1.jpg

In order to understand the principle of Electric magic, you must first learn its natural counterpart: Lightning. If you've seen anyone use Electric-based magic, you probably noticed a close resemblance to a lightning strike. The lightning strike occurs when Erg, the energy that surrounds us, splits into two polarities of energy for reasons unknown. These split polarities each continue to accumulate energy, when, in an instant, an explosion of energy flow occurs between heaven and earth. The intensity of the light and heat during this process contains tremendous power. Also, because of its unpredictability of where it strikes, it has been an object of fear to mankind. (So much so that people use this word 'lightning' to curse others. i.e. I hope lightning strikes you dead!)

There are many opinions as to when and why Erg, which was created by Lymilarks' blessing power, splits into two polarities of energy. However, before anyone could come up with any concrete evidence, the debate's focus shifted because of the great Druid Esras, who at times lacked common sense. He claimed that he was able to use Mana to split a stabilized Erg into two polar energies, which caused all the scholars to shift their focus from the conditions in which the energy splits to the process of it. (It is a shame that scholars today are not interested in insightfully studying natural phenomena, and rather just want to uncover it just for the sake of using it. This is quite foolish.)

Once Erg is split into two polar energies, each polarity begins accumulating energy at a rapid rate and causes an electric discharge. Then, when the balance of energy between the two polarities is broken, a transfer of energy occurs from the one with more energy to the other. So imagine what would happen if one could embody either of the polarities and designate his or her target as the other polarity. Then, using Mana, if he or she polarizes the Erg and also raises his/her own energy level to be higher than their target, what would happen?

Exactly. That is what is known as Electric Energy Magic.

How to Use the Lightning Bolt

The Lightning Bolt attack is a magic that uses this principle of Electric energy, which utilizes the characteristics of the positive and negative charge for a sudden transfer of energy. During the energy transfusion, a bright explosion resembling a lightning strike, rushes toward your target as Erg is depleted into thin air. Once all the Erg is depleted and the surrounding elements reach equilibrium, the flow of energy ends. (Just like a lightning strike in nature.)

There are many questions surrounding this magic, such as "How powerful is it?" and "How easy is it to use?", which is technically asking how much energy it needs and how long it takes. To give you an answer, there is a limit to how much energy you can gather, and you can only maintain the energy for about 15 seconds.

You can charge your energy multiple times to gather more energy, but it is reported that the maximum charge is about 5 times. Also, you only have about 15 seconds to charge all your energy. This is because of several factors, such as the difficulty of maintaining the Mana's focus, and also maintaining the polarized energy at the same time. (Even if you have plenty of Mana, it is difficult to charge for an extensive lightning attack).

The Lightning Bolt attack is used to strike your enemy with lightning. Once your opponent is struck with this attack, they will be in a state of shock due to the depleting of Erg and equalizing effects of the surrounding environment. Since this attack is based on an instant energy explosion between you and your opponent, the bigger the energy gap between you and your opponent, the greater damage it will inflict.

Simple Usage

Once you've carefully read through this book, and understood the principles behind the Lightning Bolt attack and are ready to use it, you can do so by following these simple steps. First, press 'S' to open your Skills window, which lists all your current skills. Find the Lightning Bolt skill and click on the [Use] button next to it.

Then you will see the Lightning Bolt icon appear above your head as you use the Mana to polarize the energy. Once the preparation is finished, lightning-like strands of light energy will flow around you. This indicates that you are ready to use the Lightning Bolt attack once and can select your target as the Mana's restraint will unlock and a blast of energy will strike your opponent.

Though mentioned before, I want to remind you that the intense light and heat from this attack can significantly startle your opponent.

Application : Chain Lightning

Before we move on, I need to reiterate and explain in detail regarding multiple charges. As you know by now, the Lightning Bolt attack is very similar to the actual lightning strike that happens in nature. Does this mean that this magic is capable of imitating the continuous strikes that occur in a natural lightning strike?

The answer is yes. Scholars call this Chain Lightning. By charging the magic multiple times, you are able to attack your opponent back to back. However, there is a limit to how many times you can strike in a row. As previously mentioned, since you can charge up to about 5 times, you can strike up to 5 times continuously. Also, the attack increases strength each time, which means the damage inflicted by the fifth attack will much higher than the first attack.

One interesting fact is, when you use this attack on an opponent with no other enemy in your vicinity, the Chain Lightning will automatically continue to strike this object. However, in this case, the strikes will not increase in its damage with each hit. It will still cause significant damage since your opponent will have been hit with multiple strikes.

Continuous Attack Between Lightning Bolt Users

Book lightningbolt 2.jpg

We looked at the principle behind the Lightning Bolt, the Chain Lightning attack, and the application of these attacks in the previous chapter. If you think you've mastered everything through these two attacks, you still have a lot to learn from mother nature. If anyone has studied lightning strikes carefully, you know that lightning does not only occur in single, or multiple chain of strikes. Sometimes, lightning strikes attract other lightning and fuse together. Thus, where there are multiple Lightning Bolt users, they can fuse each other's energy to form a collaborative attack.

This is a unique trait of Electric energy based magic that Fire and Ice based magic do not possess. When a user is charging his or her Lightning Bolt attack, you can add on to their energy and instantly form a Chain Lightning attack. In other words, if you have charge your Lightning Bolt attack near another user that is charging, your charge will add to their charge, increasing their total number of charges.

In a case where two people are charging, and another comes along and charges an attack, the combined total attack of all three users becomes available. However, the maximum limit is three people, which would mean up to 15 continuous attacks. Currently, 16 Chain attacks is impossible with Mana's characteristic, but researchers are working to surpass this wall.

It has been determined that the Chain of over than 16 is impossible for the feature of Mana, but many researchers continue to attempt to exceed this obstacle.

The Effect of Lightning Bolt

So, when is it a good time to use the Lightning Bolt attack? If you are wise, you should be able to figure it out yourself.

First, the Lightning attack is good when facing multiple opponents at once. Try it out yourself. Use the Chain Lightning skill and go fight monsters that travel in groups. You will be amazed at how effective and convenient the Chain attack is. However, when facing a group of strong monsters, you will pay a price if you can't knock out each monster with one strike.

Secondly, when properly used, the Lightning attack can be used until the enemy is knocked out. Although Lightning attacks that are charged multiple times do not inflict damage after the first strike, its impact significantly weakens the enemy. Also, many times the enemy will not be able to endure the attack.

However, there is something you must remember: Chain Lightning attack's inflicted damage subsequently decreases with each hit. Beginners, unaware of this, might overuse the attack and find themselves out of Mana and getting attacked by the opponent. Even when you successfully use the Chain attack, the opponent might not have received as much damage as you think. Thus, the first target of the Chain Lightning Skill is very important. This is something every good wizard should be mindful.

Law of Diminishing Marginal Damage

We must go through the Law of Decreased Damage before you can fully understand Lightning Bolt magic. The Law of Decreased Damage is commonly linked with Electric based magic where, when the Lightning magic is charged multiple times, it actually decreases the inflicted damage, though it uses the same amount of Mana. It is an important law that can help you better calculate the relationship between Mana and inflicted damage.


In this book, we discussed about the Electric Energy based magic, specifically the Lightning Bolt magic through the wisdom of mother nature. The Lightning Bolt is a powerful and flashy attack, but it also requires a high level of discernment in order to use it effectively. Don't just rely on the knowledge from having read the book, but practice it until you get a better feel for it. Lastly, I hope that Lymilark, the protector of Erg, will guide you and bless you with the wisdom to have great success.