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Portrait of Berched
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Druid
Location Taillteann (Druid's House)
Repair Magical Weapon Repairs, 97%


His age is apparent through his deeply chiseled features, and his voice is faintly reminiscent of a woodwind instrument echoing across a wide plateau.

Berched is an old Druid near the Stonehenge in the field in the north area of Taillteann. He sells Wands and repairs them at a 97% success rate. He also gives a discount on wand repairs (actual cost of repair with title is 80% of the displayed cost) for those wearing "the Shadow Hero" Title.

When speaking to him with the Mores Keyword, he reveals that Mores was once his student. He also reveals tutoring a person named Tafney when spoken with the Nearby Rumors Keyword. After one completes The Saga: Iria, Berched mentors a Young Tarlach.

Berched also teaches Blaze and informs players how to transfer Spirit Weapons to another weapon. He can also create or destroy Spirit Weapons as well as transferring spirits of one weapon type to another.

Music Track Title: A Little bit Tired.


Berched's Equipment