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Portrait of Bebhinn
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Bank Manager
Location Tir Chonaill (Bank)


She is a lady of fair height featuring an oval-shaped face and long strands of hair with braids. Her big, blue set of deep eyes sparkle with charm, and her subtle smile creates dimples on both cheeks that can prove to be irresistible.

Bebhinn is the clerk of the Tir Chonaill branch of Erskin Bank, the largest financial institution in Erinn.

Her good memory and immense curiosity help her recall anything or anyone that she has prior encountered. These may be why Bebhinn has the penchant to spread rumors about people and their personal affairs in Tir Chonaill.

Although her voice is clear and sweet, she claims to be terrible at singing, and thus has an envious hatred towards talented singers.

Behinn's Quote: "Keeping yourself busy is a good thing. Vitalize your self confidence..."[1]

Favorite Items

NPC Intimacy

  • By giving desired items, a player can increase their intimacy with Bebhinn, however, giving an undesired item may decrease it.
  • If a desired item is sold by more than one NPC then the name of the closest to Bebhinn is in bold.
Desired Gift Price Sold by
Teddy Bear 150g Nora, Eavan
Stuffed Bunny 250g Nora, Eavan


License Price (g)
Personal Shop Brownie Work-For-Hire Contract (purple) 2,900
Personal Shop Brownie Work-For-Hire Contract (red) 2,900
Personal Shop Brownie Work-For-Hire Contract (green) 2,900
Tir Chonaill Merchant License 4,370

Bebhinn's Equipment


  • Bebhinn's portrait and character model was changed from a Caucasian female to a black female during American localization.