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Belvast Hostage Rescue

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BelvastLordIcon.png Fomors within Belvast have revolted and taken hostages. You and your party must rescue them.
  • Of all Shadow Missions, Belvast Hostage Rescue is by far the most complex mission, consisting of four wildly different sections.
  • By far the most difficult Lord Mission, with exceedingly strong monsters, high complexity, and the generally heavy rendering area of Commonwealth of Belvast.

Part One

  • To begin Belvast Hostage Rescue, all players must stand within the circle that appears while the Party Leader talks to the Hidden Agent.
  • The Party must move through Belvast between similar circles, which are called checkpoints.
    • At each checkpoint, all players in the Party must stand within the circle while the Party Leader talks to Hidden Agent.
    • The mission may only continue as the Party does this at each checkpoint in order.
  • There are untargetable enemy NPCs wandering around. Going too close to one will drop the special Hide of all Players and spawn targetable enemies.
    • The strength of these enemies increases between checkpoints.
      • The number of enemies that spawns when caught scales off of the number of players in the Party.
        • Enemies are spawned around each player.
  • Players are rewarded 10,000~20,000 Experience Points if they successfully manage to sneak past the enemies.
    • However, it can be considerably faster to defeat the enemies rather than to try to sneak the entire way.
  • There are Barrier Spikes spread throughout the area. These Barrier Spikes will reflect some damage and will block certain pathways.
    • During the transition before the third checkpoint players can destroy the Barrier Spikes before starting to open a path to go around the mobs entirely.
  • The mission enters the next part when the third checkpoint is reached and the Hidden Agent is talked to.

Part Two

  • The Hidden Agent will disappear to retrieve the hostages.
    • At this time, all party members should prepare for battle.
  • After a few moments, a large number of extremely strong enemies will spawn.
  • Once all the enemies are eliminated, the mission moves to the next part.

Part Three

  • The Party must lead the Hostages to the boat by the docks.
    • A Hostage will spawn for each player in the Party.
    • If all Hostages die, the mission fails.
    • Hostages will lock onto the nearest player, alternating between following them and stopping.
      • The Hostages' lock-on range is fairly short, so players must remain close in order to have the Hostages move and follow.
      • Players should only move in straight paths as diagonal paths will tend to get the Hostages stuck behind objects.
  • Waves of monsters will spawn every 30 seconds, and all monsters must be defeated before proceeding.
    • Enemies will spawn around the Hostages.
    • The number of enemies spawned is 1~2 per Hostage.
  • At this point, two different routes may be taken.
  • The blue route is safer, but longer, resulting in more random spawns.
  • The red route is much shorter, but has a chance of spawning an extreme amount of enemies in the center fountain area.
    • There's also a higher chance of monsters spawning in an unreachable area, resulting in mission failure.
  • The boat area is shown in black.
  • The mission is complete when all the remaining Hostages are in the boat area.

Mission Information

  • Quest Board Location: Tara
  • Party Size: 1~8
  • Time Limit: 60 minutes
  • Mission Details: Fomor rebels have taken Belvast citizens hostage. Infiltrate the Fomor base and rescue the hostages, then get them safely to port.
  • Info: Rescue the hostages.
  • Requirements: One Master Talent and a Lord Pass for each member of the party.



  • Experience: 196,000
  • Gold: 34,000


  • Tory Ravine's gateway is active during this mission, likely due to an oversight created when Belvast was updated to it.
    • Attempting to enter Tory Ravine will force the player to exit the mission, and appear in Tory Ravine instead of Tara.