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Charge (Pet)

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For the Warrior variant, see Charge.
For the Lance variant, see Lance Charge.
For the Fighter variant, see Charging Strike.
For Bran's skill, see Bran's Charge.
For the Gesture, see Gesture#Premium Gestures.
For the Nightshade Mustang, Sunburst Shire, Ethereal Mist War Horse, Black Flamemare, and Scooter variant, see Running Boost.
For the flying mount skill, see Boost.


Charge (Pet).png
A skill that allows one to run incredibly fast, causing the wind to blow in the progress. This skill cannot be sustained for a long period of time, but it can be used while a user is mounted on top.



Rank F
Speed Boost 150%
Stamina Use [/sec] 1
Duration [sec] 10
Cooldown Time [sec] 90